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Nekrogoblikon – Goblins Are Better Than Trolls lyrics

Crawl back to your bridges, run away screaming,
Goblins are coming, they're better than you.
Smarter and faster, bow to your masters,
The goblins are winners, the trolls aren't true.
Goblins are better than trolls!
(Yeah they're better than trolls...)
Goblins will rip out your soul!
(Yeah they'll rip out your soul...)
Goblins are better than trolls!
(Yeah they're better than trolls...)
Goblins impale you with poles!
(Yeah they'll stap you with poles! )
Goblins really hate trolls!
(Yeah they fucking hate trolls! )
Goblins will cook you whole!
(They'll bake you into a roll! )
Goblins really hate trolls!
(And they also hate gnolls! )
Goblins come out of a hole!
(And they sear you with coal! )
They'll tear out your spleen and eat it raw,
Carve out your heart with filthy claws,
Scoop our your brains with wooden spoons,
Blast your slimy carcass to the moon!
The trolls run through the forests of doom.
Goblins are coming for blood and skin and balls!

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