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Needa-S – Baby Momma Faeturing Marques Houston lyrics

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
I'm carryin your baby

[Verse 1]
We had a love affair
we were a perfect match
everything was going good until my test came back
i was simply irresistable, unthinkable
but its acting every night
you were coming home
now i told you i can feel it
you're moving on
are you with me, tell me

Supposed to be my man
now my baby's dad
never thought that things would change so fast

I'm carryin your baby
nine months and a day boo
why you need another
when i'm the baby's mother (i'm the baby's mama)
i'm carryin your baby (tell me why, why you're leavin now)
nine months and a day boo (when i'm home pregnant being a good lady)
why you need another (tell me why, why you're leavin now)
when i'm your baby's mother (when i'm home pregenant being a good lady)

[Verse 2]
I had to sacrifice 9 months of my life
why you actin like i made this baby on my own
you played a part
and now you're leaving me all alone
you ain't responsible oh no no no, no no no
you won't be around to see our pretty baby grow
are you with me, tell me

You s'posed to be my man
i don't understand
cuz you're the only one i chose
to be my baby's dad


[Marques Houston]
Now hold up, wait a minute
tell me what's that ish i hear

But the whole time i carried your child
you were out there wylin out

You threw my ish out the window (yes i did)
you said you didn't even wanna be my friend
you need to go back to the doctor and check your test again

Now how you gon deny your son when you know you were the only one

If it is my kid you know, i'm gonna be responsible
baby try to understand
there's no me and you no more
you trip so much wanna throw you to the floor

That's why now you're out the door


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