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Ned Jabez – The Good Life lyrics

{Hook 1 and 3}
I, Wan-na, do, Is,
Live It, Live It,
Live, The Good, Life
I, Wan-na, do, Is,
Feel It, Feel It,
See, what it Feel, Like

{V. 1}
Just wanna, see how it feel Success! Living a life that’s blessed, worked hard I’m finally there, Plot and scheme, from my chair, and stare, As I daydream, As I daydream. Just wanna see how it feel, they say money will change you well let me see how that feel If the change for better change up and that’s real, Why drive the same damn car? Can you feel? All the things you worked hard for, is finally your, so spread your wings, get more, and enjoy, The Victory, sickening, others with your success, The History, hating usually come with your Success. It's “The Law Of Attraction” Like this shorty here, All the flies attract to the shit and that’s clear, You haters, You, You, Flies and I the shit, You haters, You speak lies, and I the Real. I celebrate, to The Good Life, lets make a Cheer, on a mission to make more money than last year. All you haters I skirt by in my New whip, Flash Gordon, I fast forward my money here, Yeah
(Hook2 mini)
I, Wan-na, do, Is,
Live It, Live It,
Live, The Good, Life
(V. 2}
You work hard for something, eventually it will Pop! You never Know how close you are Until, til the day you stop. A series of thoughts cross my mind, I call them Visions, Seeing myself there Living The Good Life Living, Motivated by these thoughts of good living, I don’t know how I’ll get there, but I’m gone get it, optimistic, no skepticism, off situations facing Staying focused and stimulated, paper chasing me daily, Ensure by the Visions, and the Dreams in the night, expecting my blessing and to receive my ray of Light. Knowing that the Dream, yes, will soon come to Life, encouraged by confidence illuminated by the Light Illuminated by the Light, Illuminated by the Light, (Light) Illuminated by the Light, (Light) Illuminated by the Light (Light) Illuminated by the….

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