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Necromantia – Aemagia Veterium lyrics

Worship me you mortal fools open my seal
Adore my name cause I'm the messanger of
Pain, the courier of hate, the beloved of the
Ancient ones.
I came before their arrival from the astral
Plains of cosmic chaos bow your heads! Don't
Dare to face them!
They'll make humanity bleed!
They'll make Jesus weep...
I dwell in the ancient R'lye dreaming in the
Blind depths of abyss my human servants
Enlightened by my dreams now heed my call.
Now death is mortified, because it's alive
What has been eternal lain!
Alive is Cthulhu, the treatest of all!
I'm veiled in hideous smells that bring death
To your mind my face is a blasphemy made by
Human entrails.
I'm Humvava, the dark angel!
I'm the lord of Chaos my hatrted is blind, my
Wrath is insane. I scream on my throne from
The center of the universe. I'm Azag-
Thoth the Blind God!
I'm the all in one and one in all. I dwell in
The heart of chaos and I'm lurking in the
Threshold of pain. I'm Yog-Sothoth the
Ultimate God!
Now the gates are opened. Time stood still
As waiting for our arrival. The skies turned
To black and the seas painted in red. We
Came here from cosmic chaos, our aim is one, our
Powers unamable. Devastate your villages,
Your cities and the lands!
Humans will stop existing as a race and the
Earth will return to us...

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