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Nayo – Desert Storm lyrics

So whatchu looking at, What is it you want?
You seem spellbound, Like you've seen a ghost
Is it me or the bottle? I see you're all alone
I guess that makes it, Just me and you

Gotta tell you something, You should know
Gotta listen close, So you don't throw
A fit tomorrow, No it's not okay
Gotta whisper something in your ear
Come a little close, so you're aware
Here it goes

I'm like the Desert Storm,
Once you get in, There's no way out,
I'm like the Desert Storm
Once you're caught in, There's no no mercy

So whatchu you thinking now, I can see that smile
The knowing kind, You're feeling lucky
Is what I'm thinking of, Still you wanna try
To steal my heart, Well go ahead

Wanna tell me something I should hear?
I see you're leaning close to me again
Better make it fast, Or I'm so out of here
Easy come-go, I don't really care
2 o clock is sitting over there
It's all I say

I'm like the Desert Storm,
Once you get in, There's no way out,
I'm like the Desert Storm
The one you're caught in, shows no mercy

No need to warn you, I couldn't save you
You'd have to brave through Desert Storm again
No need to tell you, you won't be the first to try
To think you stop me
It just so happens so often every other day

I'll getchu anyway
I'll getchu anyway


Desert storm
By Nayo Abidoye & Kevin Kerrigan
Published by Fyro Music (Bmi) & rak Publishing Ltd (Prs)

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