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Nas – Puzzy Kills lyrics

Uh..(crazy).. Yo pussy killed me uh uh yea yea. Yea... Uh... Uh uh uh

Pussy killed me when I was born (what?),
Pardon me, I rephrase it departed mommy wounded n made it
I look at the bright side, the fact that I got a life side,
Born '73... September right Nas? True, virgo child,
First thing I learn money makes the world go round,
On this small planet there 10 women to 1 man,
I wonder how he managed? To say vows and walk a straight
Line in marriage, niggaz is some nasty creatures,
Bitches even nastier, they throw it at ya boy, and it's hard
For me to pass it up, freaky ho's lick a niggaz ass n nuts,
Stupid bitch braged till her baby dad went nuts. (stupid)
Now ya lookin for me, 2 cars deep, rollin up on niggaz
Barrel out the window... Askin you Nas peeps?
I can't have dat, 2 45's nigga grab dat, pass it to me sucka
For love, niggaz I blast dat.
I swear my dick is gonna me n trouble, I'm pissin bubbles
I thought I felt a sharp pain, betta stick to rubbaz,
When layin, hooka afta hooka day out n day in,
Watch out for diseases tha doctaz can't name em.
Just a thought we all fuck the same chix, some play
Like they innocent fuckin entertainers, n basketball playaz
The bitch is a ho, but still summa ya is still sayin put ya dick
In her hole, you just a nigga that de-wifed her, she thought you crazy
Now ur monkey ass wants ta shoot that pimp that pipes up,
She had ya baby, now you a lifer, the suicide notes you write her.

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