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N2Deep – Ya Gotta Go lyrics

K-Lou, we're ready to record, man

So tell them broads they gotta cut out

(Hey man, they say they ain't goin nowhere till they hear you guys rap)

Aight man, but we get done they gots to go

[ tl & Jay Tee ]

So you wanna hear us rap, well here is what we'll do

I be player number one - and I be player number two

Would you like to hear a tune that we've already said

Or would you like to hear a little something from the head?

Well, from the head it is and here is how it goes

Jay Tee calls me Train - and tl calls me Vogues

I'm the one on dank - that smells just like a skunk

And I'm the one on drank - that's why he's always drunk

So if you wanna (*lighter flickers*) then you'll have to talk to Tee

But if you wanna (*bottle crashes*) then you'll have to talk to me

We both like bangin broads, or should we say a chick

I like em nice and tiny - I like em nice and thick

We'll take you to our room and we will give you s**

That you cannot get from ordinary pecks

I be up on the bed - I be down on the flo'

We'll give you what we got until we got no mo'

That's when we'll have to stop, so put back on your clothes

And say goodbye to Train - and say goodbye to Vogues

Cause you gotta go

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