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Myxx – Trendsetter lyrics

(He got a) way with the ladies, way with the words
(He got that) kind of delivery I never heard
(He got a) bad boy swagga that a good girl wants
Plays hard to get, but it's just a front (uh)
(He got a) innocent foot when he's on the street
(But he) changes it up when he's here with me
(I get) chills when he walks up and takes my hand (take my hand)
This experience is worth a million grand

[Chorus 2x]
(I got a) trendsetter
(Got a) trendsetter (oh)
(Got a) trendsetter (gotta, oh)
I gotta ghetto fabulous
Brother who's coming with
All you single men, you should learn from him (ooh, I got a)

(He likes to) hop off stage any chance he gets
(He likes to) kick free styles and turn some head
(He likes to) wear doo rag over his brain
See him lookin fresh and clean everyday
(He likes to) take me shoppin when he gets his checks
Make sure his shawty always looks the best
(He likes to) front the bill, when out to eat
Hes the kinda brother all the girls need, yeah

He keeps givin me body sign language you want it (uh oh)
It keeps me fallin for him [for him]
Hes a million to one [yes he is]
He be shinin like the sun [uh oh oh]
Hes never did [hes never did, yeah yeah]

[Chorus 2x]
(I got a) trendsetter
(Got a) trendsetter (hes a trendsetter)
(Got a) trendsetter (gotta a, oh, can't nobody do it better)
I gotta ghetto fabulous
Brother whos coming with (hes coming with)
All you single men, you should learn from him (you should learn from him)

And he always knows just what to do
To make me wanna mess around town
I'm ridin with the one if he's untrue

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