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Mystikal – Did I Do It* lyrics

Comprised*of lines from many of his songs on previous albums (Scarface
voice) Ok
ok, jou, wanna f k**wit me Come? on Who.
put this fuckin s tittogether Me?
That's! who Chorus!
X: 4 Did
I do it You?
fuckin right I did it (Alright)! Fuckin
right fuckin, right [Verse
got's to get it when I do it Make
sure your a feel** this Don't
want nobody style used, to be B
h***cause, I'm still it (In!
your own words could you explain your style )?Ow
owwwwwwww Bad! like who Me? that's who I'm!
the p y***cat Y'all!
muthafuckas ain't ready We!
gonna be hung I'm, not the n anusI'm
not that n anusI'm not that n anusBut
I'm the [ ]?That's
how we do it when we kick it Bum
bum bum here, I go I!
can't f k**with my damn self I-I, know Walkin
through your mind look, what I brought with me Just
when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Back
to the boulder No
I, serious can't, nobody find Who
put you on the fuckin map (Me? that's, who) Ahhhhh
No! you, won't, know, Did
I do that Fuckin? right I did it Chorus
2 ]:Lemme
see you, lackin creativity Tryin
to bite my style like fingernails Tryin
to sound how I sound on, my tounge with every single name (Pause
people, talking) Slow
down T, don't damn, Watch
yourself and, they can't Fire
point blank to the back of [ ]?Four
five six time the b s*****Never
exercising you, gon get to big for your britches The
man right chea I!
ain't comin here for no foolishness Sides
not, much any one of y'all n s****can do with me Speakin
like one of them Puerto Ricans Good
lord Fuckin!
right I did it Chorus!

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