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Mychildren Mybride – Faithless lyrics

If seeing is believing then they've gouged out all their own eyes
They're confused by the love, the hate, all of the hypocritical lies
Their own misfortunes, creating the selfish disguise
That will seed the beginning of their spiritual demise

I can't believe this is happening
My faith depleting somewhere buried inside, alive
Afraid, unstable, but learning that these things will clear in time
I'm so scared, I'm so scared of what I might become

Straying from the beaten path that I've been on for so long
Finally moving forward in life, acknowledging my faults
That's haunted my every move for what seems like years
My conscience screaming, realizing things aren't as bad as they appear
Still anchored in our old ways
And just when you think everything's going to be alright
Defenses down, so vulnerable to what once had you gripped so tight
The miracle I needed, no longer mistreated
The life changing motivation, my only inspiration
Calm the storms and I'll walk the waves
My eyes are open, and I can clearly see
Calm the storms and I'll walk the waves

And just when you think everything's going to be alright
I'm vulnerable to what once had me gripped so tight

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    This song is about his internal struggle with staying a christian in a very un-christian, sometimes satanic or very atheistic genre of music. This song is basically his declaration that he's putting his trust in Jesus. When he says, Calm the storms and I'll walk the waves, he is referring to a story in the bible where Jesus calms a storm when they are on a boat, and then He walks on the water. He calls to his disciples, and on of them also stands on water for a moment, but then his faith falters and he starts to sink, and Jesus rescues him. This band is saying that they trust Jesus so much that they have faith enough to walk on the water if Jesus wanted them to. This song is amazing, very complex and thought provoking.
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