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My Morning Jacket – At Dawn lyrics

At dawn they ride again, they'll haul you out to the streets.
They'll burn your papers and your empty trash cans,
Beat this thought into your head, singin over and over again:
"all your life is obscene!"
"forget the papers, forget your musical dreams!"
But that's when my knife rises,
Their life ends and my life starts again!

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    Ok, xas hard as it is xto interpret me x(Mike)x and Jodxy think xwe may havex fixgured it out. X. Xxlet us know whaxt you xthiunk. Xxxit's thxe morninbg after the night beforexwaking upxxxnxot wantxing to face the dayx, with negative thoughts, wxith the general fexeling my life is shxit xxxbut then you drag yourself up, have teax n toaxxxsxxt and a fag xand xthen befxore you know it's beer o'clock n hey ho everytxxxg's fine again! X really sorryx about all the xx in this but I spilt a large gxlass ofwine over my keypad last nixght and my computerx is xreturxning the lovex! Xx.
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