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My Insanity – 3 Monkeys lyrics

Welcome to a world of media atrocities
Lean back, relaxe and turn it on
I know the longing for watching human theatres of war
Makes you impatient
How it tastes?
Your manipulated television meal
Take it!
Enjoy it!
Devour it!
Mabye it's your last
Our planet is very small
The eyes of sensation could be focused on you too
The mad world of today
Is that the will of god?
It's sad (That) we don't hear it when someone cries
Don't see it when someone dies
It's amazing that we do not even talk about...
Who tells us the truth?
Blindness creeps in the heads of those who open wide their eyes
Your intellect don't recognize the truth
Don't let misslead you now
The individuality is faked
Hide behind your sceens
Intelligence lay down in the chains of the reason... Caught
Not seeing!
Not hearing!
Not speaking!
Maybe you're the next
Let's escape into a prayer
Purify our conscience with an amen
Hypocriticaly we mourn for the fallen
Hypocriticaly we mourn for the victims
Imagine a world without all these bloodshed
It's possible that it's impossible
People excisting, living of others pain
It's sad...
Imagine a world without all this dreadful scenes
Imagine a world without all this bloodshed
People excisting, living of others pain
It's amazing how good we are in that...

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