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Muse – Guiding Light lyrics

Pure hearts stumble,
In my hands, they crumble,
Fragile and stripped to the core,
I can't hurt you anymore,
Loved by numbers
You're losing life's wonder,
Touch like strangers; detached,
I can't feel you anymore,
The sunshine trapped in our hearts,
It could rise again,
But I'm lost, crushed, cold and confused with no guiding light left inside

You were my guiding light

When comfort and warmth can't be found I still reach for you,
But I'm lost, crushed, cold and confused with no guiding light left inside

You're my guiding light,
You're my guiding light,
When there's no guiding light left inside,
There's no guiding light in our lives

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Submitted byAleco
Corrected byrossnicholson593


  • u
    I think you will take from the lyrics and song what relates to you. I feel that this song is about a relationship that is still together but not really. They still lay there in bed night after night but the relationship has died. He is lost and does not know what to do. He knows the love is still there but it's trapped and buried deep inside and he is relying on her to bring him back. But she is not trying at all. Instead day after day and night after night they get farther apart even though they lay together. Eventually the relationship will die but neither so far is willing to kill it.
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  • u
    For me, this is about a good relationship, that is fractured by betrayal. Based on the second line, it's the singer who, despite having a pure heart, has made the mistake (stumble). And now that trust and connection is broken which is why they 'can't hurt you anymore).
    I think the second verse is 'love by numbers' I. E making a go of the relationship, but just going through the motions, there's a distance that cannot be bridged, a trust that cannot be regained, a betrayal that cannot be forgotten.
    The sunshine trapped is the hope (and possibilty) that things could still work out, but the reality is that the relationship is over. That the light (or love) is now for someone else to experience and ultimately, the singer if full of regret over what they have lost. They feel lost and rudderless. Over a mistake, a pure heart that stumbled.
    At least that's how I relate to it.
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  • u
    I think it implies each one of us starts out on this planet all innocent and not knowing why we're here and we're curious about everything, but we're subject to the survival instinct. This makes us vulnerable to a lot of stuff around us, which kind of kills our childlike wonder and develops a distance between each other and the universe itself, but that eternal spark has always been there and will triumph in the end although for now it's trapped. Meanwhile, the universe is allowing us experiences (hurt, trauma, loss, devastation) leading to confusion which leaves us feeling rudderless but which, once we're through to the other side, also help transform us into beings who can un-trap that sunshine in our hearts, especially if we end up feeling able to 'still reach for' the source of life, even when all seems lost.
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  • m
    To me when I first heard this song I depressed and thinking about suicide. When I heard this song I fell in love with matthew bellamy because I felt this song pulled my spirits up and he was my guiding light. I have since become obsessed with Muse's beautiful music and I am still drawn to tears when I hear this song in remembrance of the moment Matthew Bellamy saved my life.
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