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Muse – City Of Delusion lyrics
Stay away from me
Build a fortress
And shield your beliefs
Touch the divine
As we fall in line

Can I believe
When I don't trust
All your theories
Turn to dust
I choose to hide
From the all seeing eye

Destroy this city of delusion
And break these walls down
And I will avenge
Justify my reasons
With your blood

You'll not rest
Or settle for less
Until you guzzle
And squander what's left
Do not deny
That you live and let die

Destroy this city of delusion
And break these walls down
And I will avenge
Justify my reasons
With your blood

Destroy this city of delusion
Break these walls down
I will fight
Justify my reasons
With your blame

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City Of Delusion meanings

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    - 8
    1st verse - How our leaders are secretive. 'build a fortress and sheild your beliefs'. They live a life of luxery 'touch the devine' as we work harder, longer and more for them 'as we fall in line' - think expenses scandal as one of many examples. But we still vote them in.
    2nd verse- questions why should we trust them? Why vote them in after all they have done? All their ideas are not working 'theories turning to dust'.
    Chorus = the 'city of delusion' being the metaphorical 'fortresses' built. This fits in with 'break these walls down\'.
    Delusion obviously being beliving a 'theory' that is wrong. Refering to our leaders.
    Finishes with ultimate resistance message basically saying justice will be done when leader blood is shed.
    Verse 3 - how the leaders will not stop until they have destroyed everything. Refering to natural resources, killing in wars, our pride, even. There is a james bond reference 'live and let die' I think refering to how 'Gung ho' they are in the way they go about war. Fits in with secrecy element too as he was a secret agent after all! Lol.
    Also look at the album cover and read the lyrics.
    Four horses of the apocolypse. Religion (man covers in religious symbols), greed of super rich(man in gold suit), government('all seeing eye' look at there clothes) and enviroment (man in solar panels) (we are all told climate change is man made but its natural, there is an idea that it is being used purely to tax us more-(think petrol prices!)) also files were leaked of leading scientist discussing censorship of evidence!
    Do your research id have to write an full on essay to explain it all.
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