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MSG – Invincible lyrics

Hey man! What's up
Tell me what's the scene
Been pickin' up some kinda vibe
If you know what I mean

Hearing funny stories
From people in the know
Got a thing or two to say 'bout you
Will wouldn't you know

Been hangin' out a lot these days
Word gets around
It ain't the hangin' out so much
As what's been goin' down

Hey man! What's up
Are you stayin' in the game
Are you gonna do what's
Good for you
All over again

Hey man! Don't quit
You sure have changed a lot
Talk to me honestly are you in a rut
Hey man. Don't die
Give yourself a chance
Keep it clean, what you ain't seen
It make no sense

I'm strong enough to hold you
I hope you understand
Someone out there loves you
Reach out aad take their hand

Hey man! You're right
This life could suck you in
Gonna' spit it out, gonna' shout it out
All over again

I know you can be a better man
Like me o I'm invincible
Gonna' carry on 'cause I am on
You'll see o I'm invincible

Hey man! Your mind
Is full of cruy things
Makes me wonder who you talk to

In your dreams
Anythin' is possible
But face reality
Sometimes you take it to extremes
And that's what bothers me

Livin' on the edge of life
Try to survive
Ain't no one to turn to
But the devil by your side

Hey! Be cool
I'll take you when its time
We made a deal, don't break the seal
The devil is mine

I know you can be a better man
Like me o I'm invincible
Gonna' carry on 'cause I am the one
You'll see o I'm invincible
.. Invincible

Livin' on the edge of life
Tryin' to survive
Ain't no one to turo to
But the devii by your side

I'll take you in your sleep my friend
But I ain't ready yet
My angel's kinda busy
Tryin' to mend a broken heart

Hey Man! What's up
I'll help you make it through
'Cause I m the only one
You're gonna' have to answer to

I know you can be a better man
Like me I'm Invincible
Gonna carry on 'cause I am the one
You'll see o I in invincible
When the time is riyht
Be it day or night
Yeah! I'm invincible!
.. Invincible!
.. Invincible!
.. Invincible!

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