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Ms Krazie – I Like It lyrics

As long as I got you by my side I don't care what your people say

Dicen que no debo pensarte todo el rato
Eso yo no se
Me dicen que yo debo olvidarte poco a poco
Como debo si junto a ti junto a ti me conoci
Que facil es decir
Pero asi no se vivir
Todo le di todo le di
Y se que es verdad
Que espero algo mas aunque no llega
Y quizas nunca lo alla
Pero no se de otra vida
Esta me hace olvidar la realidad
Aunque me joda
Eres tu

[Hook:] ooh and I like it (x4)
Ur friends' tell you it's no future in loving (3x)

It was my pleasure when I met you
A close to a suicidle mind
Mi enferma vida don't regret you
I like you, Nah hold up I love you and I always will
Until the day I'm under tierra your my favorite thrill
Your all I have when this fool trips out
Let me know it's all okay and clear my mind of doubt
Cause aint nothing going on but a crazy ass rap song
Playing in the back while I'm feeling so gone!
Not aggravated not paranoid or frustrated
Just elevated without the smoke and so faded
Your much more than the average
I never met someone like you to make me feel like you done it
And I want it every single night and day
Simon I'm having crazy dreams wake up and your not there
Baby gots a hold of me and I'm not willing to let go
Always and por vida
Your my number one down hoe


Simon I like it
No se que haria si no te conociera
Me pasaria la vida hay mirando desde afuera
El placer es todo mio
Es un alago conocerte
Tenerte entrelazado entre mis venas bien presente
Inconsciente y a la vez un poca mas clara la mente
Porque me haces olvidar y perderme entre la gente
Still demente
Te pienso casi todo el pinche dia
Perdida entre tu efecto porque perra es nuestra vida
Y esta vida vale madre
En veces estoy cansada
El vato de mis sueсos
Resulto ser mi desgracia
Te cruzaste a esta loca y como no de aprovechar
La soledad me viene bien mas contigo yo quiero estar
Y llegar aese estado homie casi de locura
Pues siempre estas de aquellas a este ruca
Asi me tienes
Un poco mas dormida que consciente y te siente
I love this shit would never change this shit ese

Guitar solo

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    This song means that she's happy that she found a guy, that has been there for her on worst times. Also that he's different, he's not like the guy she thought would always be there for her. I get this song alot. I love this song & Ms. Krazie! This song reminds me of the guy I love. That is doing time, Youngster. I love him! But he's hurt me in the past. Her songs make me realize that everything happens for a reason. I hope. That when he gets out, he'll realize I was the only one there when he needed someone. This is my opinion about this song. Her song have many meanings. But this. Is what I think it means. Much love & respect for her. Xoxo.
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