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Mr. Vegas Rap – Worst Rapper Alive lyrics

[Stanza 1]
Yo imma tell you something bout me
I'm 16 and don't live in the west or the south east
All this constant hatred but I finally had found peace
With a great group sippin grey goose on my couch see
I've been bullied my whole life
But don't have the full right
To go and just pull knives
When I get in a school fight?
Cool right?
So now I fight via words
And it might be absurd
But mike you a herb
You a dike you a bird
I'm the type you prefer
So you like to observe
Your just like your fag friend james bertini
Who claims I wouldn't fight him but he never came to see me
Cause jon kraus got involved and he got scared he'd get his eyes split
But that was 2012, so lets get back to my shit
I always was a quiet kid
I obsessed over these cars and I never knew just why I did
But reagardless at like 9
I started to write rhymes
Recorded at night time
And fought at a white line
That line that I crossed often
I'd cough and I'd start barfin
Got lost in a dark coffin
I'm barkin and Arks narcing
Fell off of the train tracks
Then often I came back
To start from the same path
But damnit I'm still standin
And spammin em
Fill cannons with antonyms
Pills stamina and the drums
How come I put out a song and people laugh at it?
Cuz I'm into rappin quick
And I don't spit no mid-gone happy shit?
What the fucks with that?
I'm never looking back saying fuck my past
And everybodys bloody lips they can touch my ass
And yo to the kids who said I can't write cuz I'm white from a rich town
Sit down
You don't wanna fuck with this now
I'll punch you in your fucking face but I don't got no fists out
Bitch pow

You think this a fake? Devins whole image?
Remebering the day at my 7th ball scrimmage
When I took the kids helmet, beat him with it
Cuz he stole my seltzer and cheetos wit it?
Either way I don't needa say satan 23 a day
Just for me to play damn
B it can't be an ambian
Hanvy'll hand me a xany and
You can feel the ambiance when we in
This corner with a man who pissed on her
And a venomous daughter
Caught up wit her wrists sawed off
Sort of like a slaghter house
First off I'm not a human body
I'm the worst thoughts jerked off from illuminati
Cursed soft, burped broth at the woman with her purse lost yappin "you just shot me"
Judas got me thinkin that I'd work off a new bugatti
Dude he brought me just the coolest jewish posse
Fucking rude and cocky
There is nothin you can do to stop me
Heard I keep it rollin like a movie? True, we choose to ride
Everything I do I keep it movin like it's do or die
Fuck with me? You suckas see ya suicide
In chucky cheese, you nothing b in judas eyes
Girls gimme nothing butt head so I'm tryna find beavis
And I've got enough bread to feed an unborn fetus
Most you pussys probably heard of vegas
All around the world I'm faced wit murder cases
I'm a hot demon if you fuck wit me you'll meet a beast and
I don't stop beefin till I leave em needin breathin treatments
Went to indonisia for a weekend started speakin manderese and man Teresas hands are freezin
Man I needa plan to leave her
And a reason dammnit
Manic get another rubber mother fucker
Make you suffer with a muffler
I don't trust your cuz for nothin (nothin)
Nothin gonna stop for satan
If they fuck with Josh or Jake then
I'll be taking shots to save em
Wait there's fuckin 5 more
People that I'd die for
Ali, Dutchie, Mike and Derek
Shit that's only like 4 and I don't wanna write more
Yes I'm fucking white, whore
You pull up in a white ford
I pull up in a benz (werd)
Sip the burbon, hit the curb an
Then swerve
Hundred fifty songs and you ain't never heard the n word
Cause ima fucking caucasian
Better get ya balls, save em
Cause you know that I'll break em
Bakin bacon in a cake
And I been waiting patient
For the day that arks facing
Vegas with his narc face and
Wait I'm just disturbin the peace wit
The words that I speak shit
Hop up off my shit cause you worthless to me kid
Still searchin for the fuckin purpose you breathe bitch
Rot in peices 'neath the fuckin earth in the streets uh
Truth is I was first
To write a verse and emerge
Out the fucking ground and now my town
Just drowns me out
I'm caged and days I raise the blades-
The razor blades that Spade has saved
To rape the face of hatred wait
Juts incase your brain is worms
I'll say again in laymens terms
Save it bitch
Your just a atheist who making shit with asian kids
Ooh my screws are loose
But deuce and truth
Have showed me how to do the do
And now I'm only true to who?
Me and dude we fight with fists and knifes
It's stupid shit you risk your life
And just to frickin diss some guy
This is why I'm pissed at god
For givin me this gift I got
And Mark is actin tough
Cause he got Ray to back him up
And they can say a bach of stuff
But I got so much shit against em
And he knows it is offensive
I ain't under no hypnosis bro your flow is so repulsive so
Just like my dude I'm boutta blow
And this is fucking how I show
All of you I don't like
I really hope you all die
And now I wanna brawl, why?
So I can run up in that bitch with 6 inch fuckin tall knives
And start stabbing people in the moment
I don't know who
I hate the fucking whole school
Espesscially you Doo Stacks
Think that you a cool cat
All you is a rude fag (true that)
Vegas why is drew mad?
Drew I know your mad your the baby that your momma dropped
Used to loved me now you hate me? Fuck your drama stop
Saying I'm obsessed with eminem you on his c***
And don't even lie you ride deuce fuckin just as hard
I bet you crop their fuckin pictures on your christmas card
So disregard everything he said
Cuz if you really want the static faggot bring the feds uh
I had been waiting paitent
Till the day I made that statement
And I remembered what deuce and the crew said about the Vegas Nation
They told me it was great and

And they ain't gonna expect it. You know what I'm saying? They ain't gonna expect it when it hits them...

[Verse 2:]
Fuck the venom then I'm fucking back with a vengence
Packin a ten inch blade
And I came with a henchman
Intended to smack the attendents
Of this whack school
And this screwed up stupid superintendent
What did I mention
That none of them got fucking suspension
Or stuck in detention?
And I got expelled just because of a sentence?
So suck it I'm benching nothing
I aintt in the position bitch to be fucking lifting shit
Maybe cause nothing I'm my life done ever worked out
Skirts down
Imma fuck you all raw
So lets see who hurts now
Imma be the worst-wow wait I fucked up the beat. Fuck fuck fuck...

(Young Dutchie)
Cause young dutchie and vegas that's the recipe

Before I leave make sure everybody heard
Know I meant every motherfucking word

[Verse 3:]
All the freakin beef I eat you'd think I'd have a heart attack
And all this Lil Wayne talk, I call that shit the Carter Yak
And yall just gotta work it out, but I ain't want no part of that
I have a different mind set than any other artist has
Always first never second
I'm protecting
My spot in this game
I got ssp, yes it be a deff win
Now with Flexx Kid in my section
Make your motherfucking head spin
Hit you with a zeppelin
Cause it's God we trust
I'll run up in the bronx yelling yb's up!
Yo that is really all that I've got to say
Yo we are not the same
Cause when the cops had came
Yall was actin like a rabbit and just hopped away
If I can hit em with my spit then you can cop the flames
Word capture the fire
But I'm still the motherfuckin worst rapper alive... Right?...

[Stanza 2]
But "hes not a rapper oh no he fucking can't be"
People just don't understand me
I ain't all about calling out and dissing, but I stick up for my family, my crew and my self
Hell, I know I ain't no damn G
But I know that I can choke you till you can't breathe
Times I just don't understand fully the fact
That I was bullied for rap when I'm a poet at heart
But then, I know it can start again
I feel it in my veins every time that I spark the pen
But I can't make you feel the pain I had
Nor can I fuckin change the past
But listen man I'm telling you
If you went through what I went through
I swear you'd be just like this too...

Hahaha you know you love this shit...

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