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Mr. Doctor – Killa Cap Pilla lyrics



Yeah killa cap pilla days

Like that check it out


Yo nigga they bustin watch your bacc

God looks at Zo

Yeah its the loc

Pass the motha fuccin meana

Cuz I'm dumpin cuz they dumpin on me

Drop the "Ides" Zo

Lucky I was high popped off five

And something threw me bacc

That ripped the shit up out my side

Damn I'm spinnin

Niggas ain't kill me yet so I got up dumpin

Them niggas hit so quick how could I do somethin

Damn I'm out too

Around the field and out of dodge

We coo was breathin hard

Then I seen the hole up in my blue

So now I'm stunned and let my shirt ride

Losin my high

I spot the blood not like all over me

But I'm feelin tired

So I passed the strap to Ant

Tight just cuz I'm shot up in my gut

Got this crampin and shit

Zo like "come on Doc, we out"

Now bout this time I ran my ass bacc in the apartment

Got the phone dialed the 9-1-1

Dropped the phone and fell on the floor

Ant like "don't die on me Doc

Loc you gonna C coo"

And I'm like "yo cuz nigga bacc up of me

Fool you're smutherin all my breathin room"

I'm takin short breathes

Would've swore to Gardens that I was dead

Big X was right ain't one motha fucca alive

With a bulletproof forehead

And I'm feelin faint

Knowin my insides is to-up

So now I lay me down

But it's still Lincoln Village Killa



Now you can't find not one motha fucca in they set

Ya gets no respect

Betta to clown yo dead folks

Cuz I be yellin Village Killa

And motha fuccas

I be yellin Lincoln Cap Pilla

Now you can't find not one motha fucca in they set

Ya gets no respect

Betta to clown yo dead folks

Cuz I be yellin Village Killa

And motha fucca

I be yellin Lincoln Cap Pilla


Now a nigga ass got out the motha fuccin Med Center Trama

For twenty-two days I did the days I did the stay

Got out and started bacc on the campaign representin loc

It's Mr. motha fuccin Doc from the set

All you gangstas know

Can't none of them fucc with

I'm still on the spot

And watch some jealous asshole brands

Get with some youngstas just by hangin with Doc

Now that's some real bitch type shit

Nigga so how you fuccin with me

I gets my ride on betta all day

It's E-B-K

So killa on the rival nigga peela niggas dome

With a motha fuccin meana nigga killa bomb yo house

It don't stop it don't quit nigga rolls who you fuccin with

When I get off they blocc I'm bout to have my ass an empty clip

Taste these nuts fucc with the sluts

Look at flag nigga don't it make you mad

When I threw up yo set then shoot a killa

And I'm all up out this bitch

2 minutes 9 seconds nigga

Now I lay me down

But it's still Lincoln Village Killa

(Brotha Lynch Hung)



Yeah yeah I know I know

Know what I'm sayin

Motha fuccin ain't goin to stop bangin now

Y'all think that shit

I don't go for shit

Know what I'm sayin I got respest for my niggas man

I'm just on a different level you know

This nigga got to handle his you know


Y'all niggas is sicc nigga thinkin that shit is over with

Nigga it's still Rip no matter what I'm doin nigga

My little cuz is on his own level you know


Fucc that nigga

My motha fuccas ain't gonna go out like that nigga

Motha fucca kill you nigga

You should kill yoouself you can't kill him bacc nigga


That's on Locc 2 Da Brain


You know what I'm sayin

Y'all niggas stray

You know what I'm sayin

Nigga like me

That nigga Lynch you know

I'm not givin a fucc

You know what I'm sayin

Still be tryin to have some love for motha fuccas

That nigga Doc nigga he on a different level nigga

That nigga got to handle his nigga

There's only one life to live you know


Oh shit these niggas

These niggas thought that shit was over

Nigga this shit ain't near over nigga

Motha fucca ai't scared of a bullet wound nigga

I'm carryin a bullet wound nigga

You know

Ain't nothin wrong with bein on a different level nigga

But you go to respect what my niggas doin


This shit got me crazy nigga

This shit is just a trip nigga

It ain't based on the fact I'm high nigga

I'm just really trippin of this shit nigga

Motha fucca can't be scared nigga

He's not dead yet nigga

Nigga you got your time


You got your time nigga

It just wasn't his time nigga

Y'all motha fuccas should have did he


I'm do a fool nigga

I don't want no motha fucca comin after me

But nigga it's all the way on

It's all the way on


It's Lincoln Village nigga

I call that nigga Lincoln Village Killa

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