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Mountain Brothers – Galaxies: The Next Level lyrics

Voice box synhtesizer]
Chops.. Peril.. Styles.. Mountain Brothersssssss!
Galaxies.. Galaxies..
Galaxies.. Galaxies..

Galaxies Galaxies Chops mb's throughout the Galaxies
Galaxies Galaxies Peril mb's throughout the Galaxies
Galaxies Galaxies Styles mb's throughout the Galaxies
Galaxies Galaxies Take it to the next level Ha Ha!

Seems like this past night I fantasized we wasn't just your average guys
With a dream, but no clean cut way to have that
It's fair enough for me to grab that, collectin paydays
Relaxin with a special lady, that is, for this show baby
But if rap can pay my rent and gas then all the rest is gravy
Has it been since '89, my how time slips away
Now we'll flip this page script another chapter
Mountain Brothers, universal as we inchin up our stature

So envision the rapture wish to capture this millenium
Perennial bliss we sendin them, the mission's to hatch out
In 97, mind's are leavened, search and find my brethern
Mc's pause, envy ours, mbs' stars aligned with heaven

Increasin your depth perception, the best selection, the next direction
I leave it up to Trebek to guess the question as I bless the session
How could y'all disgustin bustas even touch this
When it's just a reflection
My mass is critical, raps Invisibl like Skratch Piklz and X-Men
Gettin Fem's confessin
Expressin predilection for s** and affection when I finesse them
Illadelphy Asiatic
Representin from the West End section
Destined for presidential election


Check it out,
No more letters of rejection, no more gettin corrections
The music's headed in directions that's better than perfection
Makin veteran connections, joinin old and new
It's the triad coined the golden crew, we're holdin true
Avoid livin out temptation, no longer givin out demonstrations free
Cause now we're without limitations, yeah..
(Galaxies, Galaxies, Galaxies. ..)

What's that you say? Infatuated with me
Actually it's funny how I, tried to catch your honey brown eyes
A year ago or so back, and now I'm Cyrano de Bergerac
Nah I'm not mad, it's only natural for me to get more ass than days past
And back then I wasn't slackin neither.. Yahmean?

Yea, true indeed, pursuin needs, stop and negate the fallicies
We're doin deeds, that grew seeds to populate the galaxies


Hated havin to wait, can you relate, the man's got a hand in your plate
From the date you hand him a tape, understand that that's the breaks
Gots to take your chances and gamble the stakes
Cause I'm about expandin my fate like Alexander the Great
I got handsome advances to make with jams that I create
Dates in France and hands to shake with fans that can't even translate,
Damn straight!
But we await the chance to take a stand
And enhance the debate with answers
Yeah, mad brains to emancipate, with answers

Now take it to the next level, take a glance a greatness
Don't take life for granted
Cause fake types are stranded to waste, mics get branded, embraced
Never abandoned on slates, we write the standard

Ignite the planet, incite a riot when fans get excited
Mb, three sons collided, now get fundin mad corpulant
We run things in a multi-corporate forfeit
First in order, Mountain Brothers rise continuous in orbit

Galaxies, Galaxies, Chops, mb's throughout the Galaxies
Galaxies, Galaxies, Peril, mb's throughout the Galaxies
Galaxies, Galaxies, Styles, mb's throughout the Galaxies
Galaxies, Galaxies, East Coast don't stop til we rule the galaxies
Galaxies, Galaxies, West Coast won't stop til we rule the galaxies
Galaxies, Galaxies, Down South don't stop til we rule the galaxies
Galaxies, Galaxies, Midwest won't stop til we rule the galaxies
Galaxies, Galaxies, Worldwide don't stop til we rule the galaxies.

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