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Motopony – Wait For Me lyrics

She'll come to me in a dream
And I don't even know her name
A pretty mark upon her breast
To signify her from the rest
But her and I are just the same
Building bridges outta faith
She stands upon a dinner plate
And tells me that I'll have to wait

(Oooh, Wait for me)
I know it won't be easy
What a thing
To believe
In a dream

Perhaps I knew her long ago
I wrote her poems at nine years old

But then I did become a man
The letter slipped right through my hands
Practiced all my wit and charm
Had many girls on every arm
I learned the depths of love and hate
But never did learn how to wait

Wait for you
You say it like it's easy to do
What a thing
To believe
In a dream

I hope you know that all my life
I have been searching for a wife
A partner and a confidant
The girl who wants the things I want
A girl who doesn't come along
Cuz she's already where I'm goin'
I stand upon a broken stage
I beg ya darling, please, please wait

Wait for me
I know it won't be easy
What a thing
To believe
In a dream

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    I hear two voices in this song--the voice of the man and the voice of the woman. The choruses with "wait for me," sound like the woman speaking to the man in his dreams. And the rest of the verses and the "wait for you" chorus is the man speaking of the woman of his dreams, the one who he knows if they can just figure out who each other is, it will be someone he has waited all his life to find.
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    I think it's beautiful how as he got older and mature he realizes that he wants a meaningful relationship with someone. And he knows that she is out there and is hopeful he'll meet her and have a great connection with her. He is also asking her to wait for him, knowing it is a difficult thing to do, but he asks her this because he loves her and doesn't want her to get hurt until they meet.
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    This song is about a man who understands that he needs to mature before he will be able to find the truly meaningful love that he wants. He knew about it as a 9 year old - its that simple truth that comes to us as children before our lives get overly complicated. And she's already where he's going, another references to true mature love. He dreams about a woman who is already ready for that relationship, and wants her to wait for him as he tries to get there too.
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