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Motel Motel – Virginia lyrics

Slowly creeping up on you
Ever since I left New York
I haven't been in the mood
But you're so cool
And so sweet

But this town makes me sick
All the limitations are manic depressing
I can't sleep
Can't eat

Virginia kids bring me coke
They keep me awake so that I can play the show
But nobody goes
It's the same thing

Oh no baby it's the right time
To be stuck in a motel with a neck tie
Looking for someone but now it's so clear
Nobody really loves anybody around here
Now we can hold off for a cab fare
Or we can get into the Cadillac and get there
Look it their coming so let me hold you
I want to hold you
Your cold
And shivery

We're so close to being good friends
But when the head strong women come I get rough
Tumbling sidways and into back seats
Come on lets shake the heart break lately
I really left you in a bad place
I'm so sorry that I hurt you in any way
I will make it up when we get older
Now I am older and we can't talk yet

Oh no it's so cold out
I want to hold you in my arms now
I want to taste you on my bed post
I want to see you in my headlights

I was wrong
I was sad
Take it back
Cut out news prints now
Put them on
The counter top
Read them off, no ones listening now

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