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Montana Of 300 – God Strong lyrics
Rap God shit
Feel that
Got the God in this mother
Yeah, all that

God is good, God is great, they swear up and down everyday he is
You better hope he's as merciful as they say he is
My bars is the craziest, lyrically I'm an alien
So much knowledge, scholars ain't never heard of the gradient
Rap God is his alias, changin' minds of the atheists
Tourin', sharin' stages with loved ones 'cause that's the way he is
My mama called to see if we safe and told me she pray we is
And I am to my fans what Tom Brady is to the Patriots
Satan's nemesis, spittin' lyrics which you can benefit
To you it's only bars, I just wish you knew the significance
Life sentences, they don't know how much time I spent with it
I learnt it like an instrument, practice made me magnificent
Spoke about my pain and my struggles, that's how I strengthen it
Was willin' to go broke, I put all my dollars and cents in it
Took a break from shinin' and buyin' all that expensive shit
Became beneficent, now fuck nigga come try to blemish it
Always kill the devil quickly when you find him
God strong, came from them trenches straight out the bottom
I put my niggas on 'cause I love 'em, they know I got 'em
They got their bars up on their own I ain't gotta spot 'em
Squad drippin' sauce I bet some of you wanna rob 'em
Same niggas hatin' they fakin' want me to sign 'em
Pistols in designer, if there's ever a problem
We slide in with them mags on you pussies, it's not a condom
Niggas thought this shit was just rap up until I popped one
Like Tony wasn't frontin' that day he said he had shotgun
Gotta keep one on me, know I can go any day, boy
Slidin' hollow tips in the clips I can't wait to spray, boy
Magazines full of them bitches see I don't play, boy
Leave a nigga reekin' for thinkin' he Theon Greyjoy
When hope is lost, don't ever bail on your team
Don't doubt the God and stand firm like you settin' the screen
There's just one version of the truth you need to question your king
Sky's the limit, went from livin' in the 'jects to my dream
So fresh and so clean, it's cool to have a necklace that blings
But real leaders teach us lessons while they blessin' their teams
To live is to grind, we all on different missions to rise
Visualizin' bein' on top, I'm gon' stay willin' to climb
And none of us would value life if God didn't limit the time
We talk to clouds with hopes the ones we lost still live in the skies
You gotta show the Lord you're thankful when you're given this time
Success is proof that you've evolved and mastered difficult times
And no fish don't get to debate because they missin' my lines
Maybe later in life when you mature, you'll get it in time
No one can ever mention bars without mentionin' mine
So sick with the rhymes, that every lyric pickin' ya mind
Some think that all they gotta do is pray for the best
Always lookin' for a shortcut and a way to finesse
King's vision, time's tickin', I ain't waitin' for next
Just like a fuckin' Chess game, bitch I'm chasin' the check
I'm an artist, hoe they on it, we get praises the best
I told them put they money up like we was makin' the bet
Gon' make 'em regret, always be real and make 'em respect
Don't get discouraged, people tend to love to hate on the best
My wisdom's unique, do you and let the critics critique
'Cause lions don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep
Even my haters takin' notes and got my shit on repeat
It's gettin' deep like brother Malcolm out here givin' a speech
Gifted with intentions of redemptions such as healin' the weak
Put God first and never give up when you feelin' defeat
Be willin' to see, don't be another prisoner sleep
Life is a bitch and people change like that bitch named Mystique
Embracin' the pain, my nigga I was raised in the rain
Now I'm breakin' up chains, and I'm changin' the game
I do this with my eyes closed, drive a hater insane
Me and God give 'em hell like Undertaker and Kane
And I don't depend on no man, got that from my old man
My mama told me no woman wants them a broke man
My bros said "You can make it", I said "We both can"
Came a long way, sleepin' counties, hearin' them doors slam
Used to be the dope man, every day I sold grams
Nowadays it's different, my pockets fatter than Roseanne
Big paper, I got that bag on me like the postman
Still prayin' daily, receivin' blessings in both hands
Armed with two sticks in this bitch, I feel like a snowman
Dead bodies all on your block, I turn it to ghost land
FGE the shit bitch you better get with the program
And every barbarian niggas out think I'm Conan
Mimic when I lead on 'em, missions to succeed
Like a fuckin' backbreaker, nigga this is what they need
Punchlines like Apollo nigga, this is for my creed
Meaning this is for my seeds, I just hope you takin' heed
Pray every day knowin' Satan waitin' for you to fall
I give praise to God because that's who helped me get through it all

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