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Monk Boudreaux & The Golden Eagles – The Tambourine lyrics

The Tambourine Trk 5
(A. Osborne, J. Boudreaux)
(Joseph Pierre Big Big Chief Monk Boudreaux)
& The Golden Eagles
Monk Boudreaux - lead vocal & tambourine
Nick Daniels - bass guitar
June Yamagishi - guitar, Doug Belote - drums,
Anders Osborne - organ, guitar, piano, John Groh - organ
B-Up vocals - Cyril Neville & Anders Osborne
Cowbell - Eric Boudreaux, Cyril Neville -cabasa & percussion.
Sound Services Recording Studio
Mark Hewitt - eng. New Orleans, LA.
Album: Mr. Stranger Man , Shanachie Records #5749

Mr. Tambourine man
Oh, I come to do my thing, yeah
The old people told me, yeah
Go spread the music, yeah
All over the land
And do your thing

So, hand me down
(Hand me down)
My old tambourine
Gonna play the music, yeah
Like the old people told me so

So, I play the music, yeah
(Play the music)
Mr. Tambourine man
I'm gonna play the music
All through the land
An I know, an I know, yeah
I'm going to do my thing

An all I need is my tambourine
Oh yes, I know I'm going to
(Play, play, play - ring tambourine ting)
I'm going to say, I wanna say

Oh, oh yes I know
I'm going to spread my joy
All over the world
So I could say, yeah
Hand me down my old tambourine

I'm going to play the music, I am
(Play, play, play)
I'm going to play the music, I say yeah
(Play, play, play)
(Play, play, play)
A-like the old people told me so
(Play, play, play)

Oh, I know
Whoa, I know-ooh
(Play, play, play)

I can feel it
Say, I feel it a-now
And you could never be wrong
And so I leave this message wit' you son
(Play, play, play)
Oh, I leave the message wit' you son
(Play, play, play)
(Play, play, play)
And now you shall go on and on
(Your tambourine)

(Play, play, play)
And you will have a lot of fun, now
(Play, play, play)
So, I wanna say, yeah
(Play, play, play, your tambourine)

Hand me down
(Play, play, play)
(Play, play, play)
My old tambourine
(Play, play, play, your tambourine)

An I'm gonna play the music, yeah

I said, I'm gonna play the music, yeah
(Play, play, play)
A-like the old people told me to
(Play, play, play)
(Play, play, play)
So, ooh
(Your tambourine) yeah

(Play, play, play)
(Play, play, play)
(Play, play, play)
(Play, play, play, your tambourine).


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