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Moker – Another Lost Soul lyrics

I walk down this lonely road of life.
Numbed from the pain and hate I try to strive.
I hate the world I have to see,
But most of all, I hate the person ME.
The sight of blood, the feeling of pain.
This is but a little of the obsession that reigns.
I go through the dark times in my life.
It's so hard that my last resort is the knife.

Running away in the stillness of time.
Slicing my arm, it's a long red line.
Dragging the smooth silver, letting it slide.
Feel the open cut from far inside.
Pierce the skin, cut the red vein.
Free myself from the awful pain.

My breath is now slipping away, everything turns so pitch black.
The blade overtook my strength and to my life I can't turn back.
My mind is so full of hate, it makes me wish I could disintegrate.
Inching closer sinking into despair. Nothing would change if I were not there.

I lick my blood and suck the wound.
It taste so sweet, I'm in the mood.
I need no help just leave me be.
As my wrist flows on free.

I bleed, show the world what I have inside.
I scream, the blood flows that keeps me alive.
I feel, the emotions overcome my soul.
I fall, down into the deepest hole.
Found in the dark that never dies. I can't seem to control my cries.
I fade and die. End of life!

Thick red blood is running out.
Death is coming without a doubt.
I laugh when I feel the pain.
Why live, I have nothing to gain.
As I take one final breath.
I know, I'm going to be dead.

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