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Mistress Wurmalde – Valwen lyrics

This blank page
I'm fillin' with some words from the past
'Cause that's all I'm left with
I'm sorry if this may sound
Like not what you asked
But please just deal with what you get
'Cause I'm gonna tell about it

I still remember how he
Pushed me away out of his life
Saying that he's not right for me
And he's not worthy of my love

Remember how he asked me
A chance will there be
All the things he promised me
Will be forgotten and shall we

Move on, even though I want to hold on
He asked me to go away,
Never come home, for no reason
And we'll live separate ways

I don't really care 'bout what I see
Doesn't matter how much flaws are there
But I still wonder why'd you push me
If I'm the only one here

The one who'll love you
Like no one else do
The one who'll promise you
Good future, guess it's not enough.

So I'll move on
Even though I want to hold on
He asked me to go away,
Never come home for no reason
And we'll life separate ways

So I'll move on, (your eyes I'll miss, your
Touch, your kiss)
Even though I want to hold on (I can't admit
That I love you still)
He asked me to go away, (your eyes I'll miss,
Your touch, your kiss)
Never come home, for no reason (I can't admit)
And we'll live separate ways(I hope this
You'll hear)
And we'll live separate ways(that I love you

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    Darius Villanueva
    It's a song about cowardice. Cowardice about failures, Cowardice about being faithful, Cowardice about being committed. About uncertainty, security and being a f**king coward. A song for unfinished business. For those who are left behind, wondering what the hell happened. A song for those people who still believes that they deserve an explanation. A f**king explanation. The saddest song I've heard. F**k.
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