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Miss Saigon – The Movie In My Mind lyrics

They are not nice they're mostly noise
They swear like men, they screw like boys
I know there's nothing in their hearts
But every time I take one in my arms
It starts, the movie in my mind
The dream they leave behind
A scene I can't erase
And in a strong G. I's embrace
Flea this life, flea this place
The movie plays and plays
The screen before me fills
He takes me to New York
He gives me dollar bills
Our children laugh all day
And eat to much ice cream
And life is like a dream
Dream, the dream I love to find
The movie in my mind

I will not cry, I will not think
I'll do my dance i'll make them drink
When I make love it won't be me
And if they hurt me i'll just close my eyes and see
They are not nice their mostly noise
The movie in my mind
They kill like men they die like boys
The dream that fills my head
A man who will not kill, who'll fight for me instead
He'll keep us safe all day, so no-one comes at night
To blow the dream away
Dream, the dream I have to find
The movie in my mind

All girls:
And in a strong G. I's embrace
Flea this life, flea this place

A world that's far away
Where life is not unkind
The movie in my mind

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    It means something very special running from a life run from a man running from being trapped in a world where you can only get through it by dreaming of another place another moment another life one where you no longer have to please a man as a job instead of a feeling so you numb yourself to believe there is no feelings just dreams, your only allowed to dream of this place in your mind.
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    Gigi and Kim have to work as prostitutes for american soldiers in Saigon. They talk about how they dream that some day one of the soldiers will fall in love with them and take them away from the war to have a happy family in America and be rich and careless.
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