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Misfits Of Science – Fools Love lyrics

Verse 1: Colossal A. K. A 2ndPersona

Ya'll better come well equipped/
Champaigne, caviar/ Remy at the bar, take a sip/
Tight leather pants, oh you a crossdresser now/
Tell me fag, how you gon' take the pressure now/
We got the live up in the hive type shit/
Ain't none o' ya'll matchin' Persona type wit/
Only concerned with ya Beamer or Benz/
Fash trends, fake friends/ how much cash they spend/
Catwalk fashions/ million dollar mansions/
I don't give a damn how much ass you be bangin'/
Blow out ya flame, snatch ya plat-pressed chain/
Auction it ta the kid with the 5cent bid/
See/ Ya caught up in the material/
Fancy this, fancy that/
Ain't nothin' fancy bout ya rap/
Ya weak, cheap creeps ain't nothin' unique/
I got mad styles, knock peeps off their feet/
Ain't makin' this fo' radio/
Yet they wanna play it tho/
Could it be the ill beat flow?/
Blowing up ya stereo/
Misfits stars o' the show/
Maybe that's why...


(Vocal lead) You won't admit you love me

All ya money hungry grubbin'/ hustlin'/
Wannbe champaigne bubblin'/

(Vocal sample) You love me

Honey covered crews/
Smotherin' the true sound/
Who frontin' in the sound booth/

(Vocal sample) You won't admit you love me

All ya underground cats/
Goal driven but ya livin' only fo' the mad cash by cuttin'/
Spittin' on tracks with no rhythm/

(Vocal sample) You love me//

Verse 2: Optimus

It's I, The flippa, ripper, spitter live wire/
Set this mic a-fire, 6 hitter uh!/
With a mustin' bust hustlin' city slicker/
The crew crusher crasher/ Extravagant extravaganza/
Word Gangsta! /
You better ta swerve and smash ya Mazda/
Coz you could never tangle with the exceptional exceptions/
To the rules/
Innovative like inventions/
We ascendin' ta the next dimension/
Here to knock you out the game/
Snatch ya crown and ya reign o' terror/
And rebuke ya fame/
And reduce ya name ta the level o' puke/
I'm gonna revel in betterin' you/
I'm a rebel that attains astral plains/
Skills, still levels ahead o' you/
Bruise with pugilistic abuse/
My magic splatters mad hatters with hat tricks/
Stick shatter and batter meager misogynistic rappers//

Verse 3: Colossal

Now ya money hungry honeys lookin' kinda funny dummies/
Don't know this/ Still gon' show this/
The way ya brag bout ya Gucci bags/
Price tags and mags/
I rip the hair off ya back/
Make ya eat it like Nads/
Sup wid dem ho's in yo videos?/
That's why you get the profit/
Brothers get off on it/
Straight jackin' it/
Scrubs not thugs/
Front but you got sum/
Big booty shaker from the slum/
Left-overs/ dick-blowers/ High-rollers/
Yeah right/ bend over/
Stealin' ya endz or ya big body Benz/
Shit still you be sayin' ta dem//

(Repeat hook)

Verse 4: (i) Optimus

Comin' Official/
To kill the artificial/
Fake, plastic, wack shit/
Mimics, sportin' gimics and theatrics/
That of guerilla status/
Fo' real faggot/
Here ta knock ya world off it's axis/

(ii) Colossal

Infinitely witted/
I admit it/ Tight lines I spit it/
Close-knitted/ well fitted/ I did it/
When this go down/
Persona fabulous/
When this go down/
Persona marvelous/ what!/

(iii) Optimus

Clown/ fictitious/ Non-sense/
Be comin' out ya mouth/
So ridiculous/
It's makin' me sick/
But I understand why so many people (Love you)/
Coz only fools give love to fools/
And you the king!//

(Repeat hook)

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