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Militant Protege – Freedom Of Speech lyrics

Thy Kingdom Come. On Earth. As it is in Heaven
But see, there's no borders in Heaven
Did you put that border up 'cause we overpopulated?
It looks like we takin' it back to segregated
'Cause you won't ever see a White border in this century
I'm controversial, not commercial, that's just me being me
We can't get into the you. S. Now 'cause you say "No"
But you can put a White man's face in our hood & say "Vote"
Murder a girl that's Hispanic and half Black, it's all great
But blue eyes and blonde hair, it's death row the next day
Bush did not create this world, naw, a high power did
But who am I to judge? He's just a product of what's in
How many more times you gonna manipulate us?
The trade centers an accident? Now, roll a twenty up
And then say freedom for all, a Hispanic ain't all?
Naw, we only count for something when we washin' your cars
"Immigrants"... "illegals"... "wetbacks" and "aliens"
How 'bout "people"... "human beings" and an "honest patrion"
La Morenita tiene suenos de America
But they set the bar so high and she ain't nothin' without fettia
And how the fuck can a green card determine a status?
I ain't never had one but I'm livin' proof of the baddest
I'll be damned if you damn me under damnation
What happened to equality under one nation?
Just to think, my mama's White and my daddy's a Mexican
Does that make me half nothin' when I see my reflection?
You call drugs illegal, prostitution illegal
But how the fuck you gonna put that kind of tag on my people?
We need more leaders, come on, stand up and speak
With the mentality of Hugo Chavez and Dr. King
'Cause if we slang dope, you makin' money off aids
You ain't no better than us, we all just wanna get paid
You can't single us out, you took the Indian's land
But it's all good, no punishment if it's the Ku Klux Klan
We got innocent children and they dyin' of aids
But they take money and build fences just to alienate
Why you're busy buildin' fences, New Orleans is drowin'
How 'bout takin' all that money and rebuildin' their county
This world's disintegrating and our leaders don't help it
Naw, they too busy concocting diseases and a plan to sell it
It's all good, hold a conference in the White House room
This is stuff we talk about on a regular afternoon
In my hood where the homeboys is prayin' for me
'Cause I'm the only boss you bitch, not afraid to take the lead
So look, here go a paper, add my name to your hit list
Just don't write it with a crayon, you like it colorless

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