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Miku Hatsune – Psychokinesis lyrics

The psychokinesis girl says, I run while holding a fairly easy, yet weak
It's what I always say to my brain, to my pathetic brain
Everyone wants to forget their past, and strive for a better tomorrow
The war is happening, but I don't know what to do this time

Never(x7) talk with a delusion
Never(x7) tell me a lie
Never(x7) speak or talk out of line
Never(x7) You are bent into a creature

I must be the annoying girl, who has no faith That's what it said to me, my
Broken brain said to me
To wake up in the day, to only find myself feeling sleepy
I'm sick of you passing me by, I'll just break out from here

I'm obsessed with how everyone dresses up
My hearts emotions begin to overflow
When the world begins to stop, that's a sign
That I don't have to be sorry anymore

I cry in pain, cry pain, but what's the point
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
I leave a trail to mark my abyss
I can't remember that time again

My body is going out of control

The stuff I thrown away piles up, I find it useless now
Everything I've ever known to be true, turns out to be lies

The girl psychokinesis, creates stories out for me
That's what this heart says to me, my heart says I'm narrow-minded
Stumbling on a memory that I should've faced long ago
I'll decide to give up, on a witches spell
Tired of struggling

The thing they called love doesn't exsist
The thought goes right through me
At a non-existent time, my colors show
The conversation is beginning to be pointless

I'll go back to a night where my dreams began
And tell myself It's a huge mistake to dream like this
Traveling through time is somewhat possible, if I get led to the end

This urge, impulse, doesn't matter, nor is it familiar
I leave a trail to mark my abyss
Let's drop this beat again
I have all control of it

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