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Mike Kleff – Spaceship lyrics

Shorty wanna ride, all I say is take my hand
'Cause your boy stay fly, call me Mr. Peter Pan
You know you gettin honey 'cause of bees when they fly
But I be gettin' "hunnies", 'cause I "be" "fly", ya dig?
I'm thinkin' big, see you tryin' to stack a millie?
Last name ain't Gates but I'm thinkin' bout a Billie
Got my eyes on the prize, and money ain't a thang, so when money flies in, we fly it out, make it rain
Make it twinkle, man I'm lookin' like a star up in space
Make it sprinkle 'cause for real I am the icing on this cake
Get at my level, I'm up on a higher stage
If this game was a book, man I'd be the front page, holla!


I got haters in my life but, that ain't nothing new
Not to mention all these jealous suckas that be comin' through
But for real, you ain't nothing but a puddle in my way
Your career is like my jump-shot, It's 'bout to fade away
I be chillin' on top of the world, I'm feelin fly
You could say I'm pickin' diamonds off the clouds in the sky
And I'm priceless, naww this ain't no fight-night-fight-list
But these fake rappers tryin' to mike-tys-bite-this
You make it rain, well okay I'll make It thunder
How I do my thang? like Stevie I make them Wonder
You against me is like Beauty and the Beast
Mike Kleff, oh yes, spittin' beauty on my beats


Spittin' game on my beats, now they tryin' to holla back?
Call me Donovan Bailey, I do my thang on my track
Not even tryin' to brag, ya'll already know the deal
Last name aint Williams, bt shorty know I'm "Forreal"
I see shorty starin' at me from way over there
Now I see that shorty be makin' her way over here
You wanna touch the sky? I'm making things clear
I will take you to the moon, call me Buzz-Light-Year
Take a trip to South-Beach, fly south with them seagulls
Kick it down in Philly, then fly with them Eagles
Shootin' stars, just like a wish we can make it
So lets fly, come n' ride in my SPACESHIP

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