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Mike Jones – Hey Ma lyrics

[Mike Jones]
I can't lie, a lot of girls come at me fine
Looking like a million bucks, but ain't worth a dime
Swishahouse/Swishablast, is the label I claim
Now I got a lot of fame, girls screaming my name
I'm Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones-Jones
That had to grind alone, so I'ma shine alone
I ain't shine overnight, had to grind and get it right
Now I'm hot, girls wanna display me in the light
Cause I'm balling now, but where was y'all at
When I was crawling, far from balling
Trying to get out the ghetto, taking Penitentiary chances
On the block moving dope, keeping my rap dreams and hopes
Swishahouse helped me, nonbelievers left me
Now the same, nonbelievers respect me
But anyway, I'm peeping floozies on the real
Bopping-bopping off the princess cuts, hanging off my ear
I can tell she a bopper, she can't look at me straight
Without staring at my dropper, Mike Jones
I can tell she a bopper, she can't look at me straight
Without staring at my dropper, Mike Jones
So I proceed, to let her tease me thinking she
Gon run game, on a O.G. like me
We head back to the room
Hey ma, I know you heard Straight to the Room
If so let's go to the Motel, hit Magno on my Nextel
Another dumb bitch, oh well
Yo Mag' (what up), I fucked (what else)
And she sucked (fa sho), and then we got it on tonight

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