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Midget – Free Of Charge lyrics

[Midget Hook x2]
Free of charge, like Mr. King I'm free at last
Free at large, I'm free I praise god

[Midget Verse 1]
One for the swag, two for the bags
Three for the mags, four for the shades
(You can't see me)
My banner star spangled
My lyrics are-rated
My flow special suffer from retardation
This the reincarnation
Face like the Kardashians'
Lights be flashin', camera action
My time timeless
Look up, your time's up
Times us
Married to the money throw the rice up
Hit the stage, watch me light up
I made my mind up
Life's up, don't mind us
I'm stupid, I'm mindless
My mind lost
That mean time lost
Self defense, got a fight off
I'm so fly I just fly off
Smoke trees got me smellin' like Pinesoll
Hundred percent, fullest, give my all
I'm on fire, hit the fire hall
Fire Martial
Partial, criteria
I eat, cafeteria
Cali swag, freeze silvereye
Silver dollar
Taste like berry, got Halley near with you
Battle so hard, my flow near killed you
Vivica, vivid less
Vivid image, they limit us
But they can't because I'm limitless
Background picturest
They fail, drop like a Civics test
Get your game right
Try a tame me
If you play me
I'll eat you like Chef Boy are-D
Late to the party, fashionably tardy
Just kickin, 'eatin' like a beast do
I rise like stacks like yeast do
I stand on my own two feet you
What I got a do to please you
Blind eyes could look at me and see through
One day switcharoo and I'll be you
But for now, do you

[Midget Hook x2]
[Midget Hook x2]
Free of charge, like Mr. King I'm free at last
Free at large, I'm free I praise god

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