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Mia Sable – Don't Stick Around lyrics

I've been known to outstay
The good in a situation
I've been known to tell 'em
It's better the devil you know
I've been known to crush some hearts
When mine was being broken
So maybe it's better you don't stick around
Oh don't you stick around

I've been known to lose my mind
When life gets too depressing
I've been known to shake apart
And take this - I'll take this outside
I've been known to explode
Make a big impression
And maybe it's better
You don't stick around
Oh you don't stick around
Hey hey - Down a dirty twisted road
Baby - Should know better but you don't
Hey hey - Love a fire, take it home
Now anything, anything else
Would feel so cold

I've been known to stir up
A room that gets too quiet
I've been known to whisper
Those words you won't soon forget
I've been known to get you
So hooked on it honey
So maybe it's better
You don't stick around
Oh – don't you stick around

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