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MGMT – Weekend Wars lyrics
Evil S I S to find a shore,
A beast that doesn't quiver anymore,
Where we can crush some plants to paint my walls,
And I won't try to fight in the weekend wars
Once when I was too lazy to bathe
Or paint or write or try to make a change.
Now I can shoot a gun to kill my lunch
And I don't have to love or think too much

Instant battle plans written on the sidewalk
Mental mystics in a twisted metal car
Tried to amplify the sound of light and love

Christ is cursed of fathers and martyrs
Might even take a knife to split a hair
Or even scare the children off my lawn
Giving us time to make the makeshift bombs
Every mess invested was a score
We couldn't use computers anymore
But it's difficult to win unless you're bored,
And you might have to plan for the weekend wars

Try to break my heart I'll drive to Arizona.
It might take 100 years to grow an arm
I'll sit and listen to the sound of sand and cold
Twisted diamond heart, I'm the weekend warrior, what.
My predictions are the only things I have
I can amplify the sound and light and love

I'm a curse and I'm a sound,
When I open up my mouth,
There's a reason I don't win,
I don't know how to begin [x3]

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Weekend Wars meanings

  • U
    It's about aetheons taking idle minds, and weekend wars represent.
    The struggle to keep control of your mind. Mental Mystics in twisted metal cars tried to amplify the sound of light and love = the aetheons traveling through technology using our own trust of this music to infiltrate. When he says to listen to the.
    Sound of sand and cold, it's to say escaping from the technological.
    Life that's usually abundant. Furthermore he says every mess invested was a score, but it's hard to win unless your bored= every confused mind is their success, and that they can't win unless your bored, playing into dumbing down.
    Activities commonplace in bored people - who accept whatever stimuli come their way.
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    - 1
    He's saying he is a mental mystic - The song is nihilistic. And so the mystic goes on 'spirit molecule' (crushing plants - dmt) journeys -- saguaro cactus (indigenous to Arizona - takes between 50-100 years to grow an arm) - not all these cacti are hallucinogenic - but we can assume what a 'mental mystic is' - Jesus (mental mystic) - however, Christ is Life itself (not some guy with buddha spinoff sayings). I suppose 'he can't get his message through to 'you' or 'them' or anyone not in the know (free spirits) - weekend wars (i suppose) could be the 'masses' or dealing with the maders that curse Life, thus curse (christ) - but what the hell do I know?
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    • U
      It's about aetheons taking idle minds, and weekend wars represent.
      The struggle to keep control of... Read more →

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