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Melvins – Dog Island lyrics

I always think of you and I'll try to cross the whole round ocean
As long as the stars are guiding me
I don't know how much time I need

My dreams sometimes look so far away
And I feel like I am lost
There are angels all around me
They give me faith and hope with wings to fly
And I have to fly right now
To the sky to find tomorrow
I keep calling you, but there's no answer from you

I'm drifting all by myself
So many tears are falling down

I always think of you and I'll try to cross the whole round ocean
As long as the stars are guiding me
I don't know how much time I need

It's a miracle that we can fly out there in this world
Don't know how far it is to get there
But we know we're always happy
Cause we're flying to look for a dream

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Dog Island meanings

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    I sang this too my dog. We have to put him down soon, and I'm going to miss him so much. I always loved the dog island, and this song has always made me tear up a little bit.
    This song seems to be talking about losing someone or something, but always remember that someone still loves you, and that even when they are gone, they live in your memories and heart.
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    It's such a depressing and faithful song it always questions people wether or not this actually comes from a game for children. I usually like to hum it when it's a gloomy day, or sing it to my dog. It's hard not to like this song, really. The game it came from (The dog Island,) shaped a lot of people's memories and childhoods. The meaning of the song to me is even though someone or something is gone and can never see again, they are always with you in a way. In your heart, memories, anything you can see them in.
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    This is not The Melvins' song, Dog Island. This is the theme song to a video game titled "THE DOG Island." (that's how they type it, the dog capitalized.) I actually came here to find the theme song's lyrics, having typed them into my browser's search bar as I listened. Then I checked to see if the childish voice singing it would be one that the band would use in an album version or something and found out that Dog Island by The Melvins is a different sort of creature entirely.
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