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Meco Nace – Sorrows lyrics

[Verse One]
Hanky panky way she walking
Drinking like I drink the hot drink
I don't trust, I have my trust in
Muma, papa, sisters and me
Life is so dull I'm still correcting
Sorrows and happiness ain't patching
I think I'm tired of being patient
Since my birth I've been protecting
Disease occurred I was told to quarantine
Being sick is the bullshit worst thing
You got fever that's distressing
Having sex that's more interesting

Elder people say that life is race
Beat others then why they say
Help others, aid whenever they need
Now I'm mazed should I beat em'?
Or should I aid em'?

[Verse Two]
I got mazed so I'ma gonna date her
I asked her to do me a favor
Cut the neck of her ex with the sabre
After those words I speak, we got sever
Next day I just saw a stranger
She was fighting like power rangers
I didn't know she is a Kung-Fu trainer
I might try but it might paralyze
Everything I got in body which is still right
I don't wanna be victim of big fight
If I got happy why sorrows revive?
It does smell like racy cordite

I'm getting fatty need to wait
I don't like belly but I don't think
I'ma get that, look at dame
She's so fat, you heard her scream?
Powerful as train's

[Verse Three]
I hate scream but dame is so hot
I like tricks but dame is so hot
No bob, no style look at her moments
She's perfect girl for the romance
Look at her dress seem so modern
That dame my wife, life so moderate
Now it's over pack up survey
That girl is perfect, I'm gonna hurl in
Her life, her way, sleep in her lap
Oh my god! who's he? Her husband
No you're lying she's still a damsel
She got kids of more than your age

Life is filled with sorrows
To prosper, you need what?
Money up, money buy all fuck
First thing is you need is luck
With unbroken run

[Verse Four]
Yes that's true life is progressive
If you love life is so splendid
Gorgeous is not who wear branded
Money can never show your resplendence
Your mind, your intelligence fight man
It comes up when you need in a right time
Days come good some days bring sadden
Don't leave, don't go out of hem in
Anxiety should be dumped and raise aim
On path you'll fall, don't lose, be brave
You'll lose again but you'll gain
I bet, I promise you'll stroke it

I hate terror but I love wars
Wars of dogs, when they bark
Gather's all, girls overlook
Coz they don't like wars
They love huge expensive cars

[Verse Five]
I love cars but I think I can't buy
I'll let my new girlfriend decide
If she love cars or love my ride
I love clothing, I love new mics
I love new cars no love for bikes
Cars make you rich they don't give pride
Go to school learn, have some good time
Don't hate book, books are your true friends
They don't fake, they don't put to death
Go buy books make your mind hard drive
Then go earn and go for a long drive
That's right, that's right
See ya, good bye

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