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Me Phi Me – Revival lyrics

Listen to my words as I speak of rivers
Some may be shallow and some may be deeper and
Deeper my brother
Man sits with pan and scans the land for what he can
Hopin' that he might strike gold
Wading in the water, in search of the soul
To find what you seek, the valleys and the peaks
Open up your ears to the grooves and beats and be
Now the water's deep
You see dancin' and rejoicin' now people make some noise
Dive into the water let it splash across your face
Don't you stop the party and don't you lose your faith
Keep it goin' on and movin' on son
Converge upon your urge and be submerged
In the funk
We all come to the river because the water brings
Let the Lord provide it baby can you stroke
The style in the south of the union: Good food and good
Jams is our communiuon
Down at the river the soul is wet
Take a dip and revive yourself

Revival! Revival!

Get into the water boy we're havin' a revival
If you don't learn to groove then tell me what is your
Survival chances
The fellowship is dope
If the water is to shallow then gallows and ropes await
I got to keep on movin' upstream
It's where the party's at it's the baptism and the swing a
Brotha man's dream
The rythem must be phat
Now tell me what is wrong with that it makes the people
Brotha man you got to take a dip into the water
Sista girl you too can take a dip into the water
Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop my troop we can
Take it strong to the hoop
An old style Revival! The traditions respected
Old ladies putting up a finger as they exit you guessed it
It's gonna bring you closer to the self
The power of the river if you can hold your breath
And see the reality of spirtuality
Positive Individuality
Hear me now we wade and splash and love and laugh
And seek and greet
And walk the path of the rhythm we're with them
The river is flowin'
So we gonna keep this Revival! Goin'

Revival! Revival!

We have gathered here today to cleanse our minds and
Wash the B. S. Away
To gain strength for another day
To get into the river I figure the music must
Play to make the crowd sway throw ho's and hey's and
Shake out booty's
Our duty is to be here to stay
Because people we are in it for survival
So won't you come and join me at the river at the Revival

I see little children eatin' watermelon and elderly storytellin'
Ruffnecks scrappin' and yellin'
Deacons and preachin' and Hip Hop beats and
Funky aquaboogie we could be achieving groovy salvation
The soul is in the house everyone's dancin' and hangin'
Brotha's clockin' bank but we got to have the wisdom
To make it through the eye of the needle
And when I make it through I will be dancin' and singin'
And rejoicin' and voicin'
My opinion dominion over all on the earth
Baby work
The brothers came first
Africa the birth
And if we cannot do it on the Nile then we'll go to the
Down to Memphis, Tennessesee, we'll travel like a gypsy
And don't worry about the neighbors callin' Five-O
Nobody's gonna stop this Revival!

Revival! Revival!

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