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MC Pig Pen – Skull Rock Mountain lyrics

Skull rock mountain is the place I reside
A mask made of bone covers the face that I hide
I've been in this mountain since you chased me inside.
Because you think I'm evil I'm discrased till I die...

Weve all heard the stories of the time of the kings.
A beautiful land, man it's a sight to be scene.
But far beyond the kingdom of the knights and the queens.
Sits a barren land. Stripped of all it's vines and it's trees.
This place is ugly black dark, old and decayed
And the only men who enter are the bold and the brave.
It's a ten day journey through the cold of the caves.
A land filled with death. Old and moldy remains.
High atop a mountain deep inside of this place
Sits an unknown king, see he's hiding his face
He controls an army of the deadliest men
Who were kicked out of the kingdom for a medly of sins.
Well there's things that happen here... Terrible things
Made clear by the echo of unbareable screams
Children of the other kingdom all hear what I mean
The skull rock king, see he, appears in there dreams.
Well he wasn't always evil so the fable. Would say
It was the people of the kingom that made him this way.
A little bit different cause his face was decayed.
Showed scars of a life filled with hatred and pain.
Not the same as the others, he was labled insane.
People chased him to this place where they made him remain.
A sinister place fueled by the evil of man
The sadness passed he began to think of a plan.
He climbed to the highest and the steepest of land.
To make a kingdom of his own that was equally grand.
It was there he saw mountain that was shaped as a skull
From there he could see himself taking control.
Controll of the kingdom he had seen as a home...
Then all the people would leave him alone.
With a mask over his face. Believed to be bone.
On this day he became the king of his throne.
Now he sits atop a throne. A product of man
The people from below, they do not understand
They made him this way. When they kicked him off of the land
He climbed from the bottom to the top where he stands.
Now there all fucked cause he's starting to plan
Buliding up his army. The plottings began.
Accept any sinner from the kingdom below
One kingdoms thinning and the other it grows.
Men torn from there homes, there children and wifes
Thrown from the kingdom, cause they had to steal to survive.
Told there familys they were evil and filled them with lies.
And so began the army. Built out of pride.
Led by the man with the mask on his face.
One day they would go back to this place.
Except the king. He didn't have a place of his own
Except the skull rock throne and his face made of bone.

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