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Mc Eiht – When All Hell Breaks Loose lyrics

No camouflage, better get the mirage
Soul assassins squad straight from the garage
Benjamin stacks, craps is what I play
First dream: where's the cream so I can parlay
Ain't no joke - ugh - and no mistakes allowed
Crack packs flips, uh, while I moves the crowd
Po-po be stoppin' the low-lows, fo' sho' those
Hate to see me, too blind like stevie
Greedy cause I'm needy for ash, gas and cash
Same song like re-runs of fuckin' M. A. S. H.
Boom bam keeps the stash locked, son, you know the real
? Four punks layin in your bumper? , so you're best to jump
Bird thumps the fo' do' s-s, no stress
D. A., no deal, uh, no contest
False arrest like al capone and elliott ness
You better be protected
My barrel starts ejectin
Reflectin on your past life as you pass through
On your way to your second life, bitch, fuck you

When all hell breaks loose
When all hell breaks loose
Everybody duck down when all hell breaks loose
All my niggas gon' shoot when all hell breaks loose

(check it out)

Shoot 'em up, oh, shoot 'em up, oh yeah
Straps on our laps cause we just don't care
Be the stick-up kid
Look what I done did
One times is hot, so I best stay hid
Y'all don't know the story
Be a hero and die for the glory
The C. P. T. 's the plantation
That's hot and
Nigga straight servin' the cotton
Equal opportunity, no discriminatin'
Serves the china white to whoever is waitin'
Ain't no debatin'
No player-hatin', son
So best to run fast or get shot of the m-1
Watch out for the back stabbers, indeed
But the evil takes over, in your eyes is greed
I feel it, gotta kill it, the enemy is close
Keeps the look out, strap's in your hand as you post
Who's afraid of the big black wolf?
Spittin', keeps hittin' from the top of the roof

When all hell breaks loose
When all hell breaks loose
Everybody duck down when all hell breaks loose
All my nigga gon' clown when all hell breaks loose
C'mon (shoot'em oh shoot 'em up)
My nigga muggs one time
Eihthype one time geah

We be's the bomb, no shit
Heavy weights, get it straigh, ? Cap pound? The hood rats
No needs to switch, still here's the click
Any fool that's tryin' to regulate my bitch
Keeps your mouth shut or hand over when we talk
Po-po's every which way we try to walk
One more body outlined in the chalk
One more do' left open, so I can stalk
Picked up in the back alleys by little hawk
Drop me off in the cut, don't come back to this, dog
Kill another nigga for hire
Likes to draw blood, so just call me the vampire
Through fire, y'all best follow the ricket
Too sly, kinda slick, y'all rides the dick
Knick knack patty wack
Beware for the attack or the fuckin' car jack
Oops... Smacked upside your head
Killin and killin until my appetite is fed

When all hell breaks loose geah
When all hell breaks loose
Everybody duck down when all hell breaks loose
All my niggas gon' clown when all hell breaks loose
When all hell breaks loose uh
When all hell breaks loose
All my niggas duck down uh
'cause we don't fuck around, geah, uh
My nigga muggs in the house
Soul assassins two times check it out
You know how we do, you know how we do
Uh, geah

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