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Mavado – Settle Down lyrics

Say is her destiny, say is her destiny, say is her destiny
Say is her destiny, yea
Say is her destiny, say is her destiny, say is her destiny
She say is her destiny fi get next me
This yah gal waan flex wid me
Progress wid me nothing less you see
So me gi har di best of me

Di gal ah wine like a gypsy
One more shot and she get tipsy
She av hipsy di real hipsy dipsy


Settle down nuh(no) mi lady
You nuh(no) see say you a drive me crazy
The way you wine you amaze me
You nuh(no) tek a bag a man like di navy
Settle down nuh (no) mi lady
Bruck it out pon di floor you nuh lazy
You lifestyle it nuh shady
You nuh tek a bag a man like di navy


You nuh see di ting tun up inna air
Gal a wine it like a propeller
Brace it, brace it up pon da summn' yah
This same one yah damage up Jennifer
Mi lace har up like a air nike
She tek a ride pon di big bike
She mussi think say di ting slight
Gal bawl out like lightning di ting strike
Sekkle, Sekkle


Pon di beach or a pool party
Man nah talk no fool fool party
Fi di gal dem mi keep free party
Any gal cyaan wine get Double D 40
Eh, Eh,
Gal wine up you body
Climb up, wine up like you want me, eh
You pretty looks a charm me
Di moment that you saw me


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