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Mavado – Money Changer lyrics

Make Money
Make Money
Make Money (Aaaayyyyyyyeeeeee)
But don't Bow fi it (Nnnnnnnooooooo)
Neva neva
Whaa'm to dem

Money dunt change we
We ah money changa
But if yuh diss we ah danga
We work hawd fi di paypa
Cau we waan big van and we waan skyscapa

[Verse 1:]
Ghetto yute dunt Bow
Dunt fuk nuh batty (aye)
Trust inna fadda god
Nd wuk cau you will happy (aye)
Nuh sell yuh soul
Fi chase weh Jylppy
Chase see ah man ah run
Inna 1 car well flashy (who)
Nuff bow long time fi Vosashi
Nd wear tight pants ah trace lyke Mumma-lashy
Love people tings so dem rear dem go dashy
But mi dream c** tru so mi rich nd we happy

[Chorus 2:]
Money dunt change we
We ah money changa
If yuh this we ah danga
Me work hawd fi mi paypa
Cau we big van nd we waan skyscapa
Nuh girl cyaah change mi
Mi ah girl changa
Girls nuff lyke mi paypa
Ask mi baby madda Daliyah
How much girl love me
Lyke how dem love di Savyah

[Verse 2:]
Di bwoy mek gyal tek money tun him inna clown
Gyal ah box him wid di draws nd him cyaah mek ah soun
Stay home anyting weh lost him foun
Him insecure so him ah search up har foun
Nuff man ah pick up garbage man put down
Nd ah poze all aroun
Lyke ah him run di town
Mi nuh seh nuttin nuff ah dem ah gyal clown
Cauz ah jus thru money gyal mek bwoy go down

[Chorus 3:]
Money cyaah change me
Me money changa
In di Range Rova
Di ting Ova
Ah Whaa'm to dem
Bling Dawg money cyaah change me (Neva neva)
Mi ah money changa (Ah we)
If dem this mi ah danga (change Paypa)

Money cyaah change wi
Trace Cross
Money cyaah change wi...

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