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Matta Fact – Kung Fu Yung lyrics

Guess who bustin’ through
Kicks hit you like kung fu
Before you even get the chance to say one two
What it do
Sharp Facts packin’ the venue
Yeah it’s Factor baby
No ifs ands or maybes
With a voice like mine one day they gonna pay me
V-Sharp on the boards flip the track something crazy
Big shout to the fellas but where all my ladies
That drive clean Mercedes
Let me hop in the Benz
Here put this joint on 10
And let’s blend with the wind
Cruise with ya fellow Mr Sunshine high yellow
Hi hello, follow the sound lets go
Follow me now let’s roll
I call this rockin’ the boat
Heads bobbin back and forth
My flow swing like Fred Wesley on the trombone
Man we so funkadelic
Ain't much you can tell us
But take my advice
You better think twice
Man we so nice
Might put a frown on your face
Like escargot and caviar
You must have good taste
To understand the deliciousness
Of this viciousness
As far as I can see your vision-less and mission-less
It’s rules to the game man
Unwritten shit
La Mantra la la la la la bomba
The line you crossed it
You flakes is frosted and fraudulent
This boss shit and homie you way out the margin
You margarine and I’m butter the real deal
Like 3 year olds knockin’ over cups of whole milk
That’s real spill
I don’t cry
Always on a even keel
See me actin out of character
Somebody might get killed
Homeboy you better chill
Cuz you a breeze away from Summer’s Eve
Pussy nigga mask and heels
Kung Pow doggy style
Factor do em’ foul
No sweet and sour
Want beef man holy cow
Yo’ V fade me out
Before I let the beef and broccoli's stomp em’ out
Cuz right now I’d rather take the bully brolic pompous route
Cuz I don’t know what these niggas talkin’ bout
But they can take DEEZ nuts and swish em’ round in they mouth
Word up
(The Last Dragon Skit)

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