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Marz – Livin lyrics

Ѕ Chorus:
2x Livin', Strugglin'

Verse 1:
I'ma make me a ton a money, Boy
Live large like I'm atomic, Boy
Keep your mouth shut cuz I'm violent, Boy
Fuck the law, I ain't silent, Boy
Daddy large that's how I'm comin', Boy
Grab the Lord's nutz, cuz it's funny, Boy
Angels all around me stunning, Boy
Here the bone, bring 'em on, bring 'em

Like ghetto raw
Bring 'em all, I got a big 'oll one

Ѕ Chorus:

Verse 2:
I'ma make fun of your mama, Boy
And I be rollin' on mountains, Boy
And I do whatever I wanna, Boy
Cuz I'm that type of mutha fuckin' human, Boy
And I be rail on where you goin', Boy
I like that bity raw bloody, Boy
What'cha got on my 40, Boy

Bring 'em on, bring 'em on, hit 'em

Full Chorus:
L-I-V-I-N, Strugglin'
I'ma keep double rollin'
Bigo ballin' everybody in, everybody in

Verse 3:
I be thinkin' large action, Boy
Me lung fu mo she, Boy
I can bring the vibe, cold spread it, Boy
You know it ain't nothin' but love, Boy
I pick my lady booty heavy, Boy
Passion flow over cause I'm driven, Boy
Bounce to the rhythm I'm spitin', Boy
Feel the roll, here it go - sing it

Live - Everybody Live - Live

All I got iz lint in my pocket
That's all right, I'm a mutha fuckin' hack it strong
Gotta keep rollin' on
I got shit you can't hack, come prove me wrong
Look me in the fuckin' eye when you lie to me
Don't look away like a pussy-ass bitch
When you come up, I'll tell you straight up
You ain't shit, I ain't scared mutha fucka
Soul is my click, the world is mine click

Chorus - 2x

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