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Mary Eddy – I'd Like To Begin My Life Again lyrics

Oh lord did you mean it, when you forgave my sins
I've been so wrong, I'd like to, begin my life again
Take my hand and lead me on
I'll sing your praised in my song
I'd like to begin my life again

When I was a little child my thoughts were all of me
What I wanted, who I hated, what could I get for free
Always took the easy way, didn't have the time to pray
Never thought I'd get down on my knees

Repeat first verse as chorus

No one could get through to me, I thought I knew it all
Ran my business ruthlessly, then failure came to call
Lost my pride and family, now pain and sorrow live with me
I'm on the edge, oh lord don't let me fall

Repeat first verse as chorus

You came to me one cloudy day, your arms were open wide
Suddenly I saw the sun, you stood right by my side
I closed my eyes and saw your face
I knew I had no time to waste
It's not too late if you will be my guide

Repeat first verse as chorus
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