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Marvin Winans – Just Dont Wanna Know lyrics

I hurt so many nights.
Cried so many hours.
Trying to make it right.
Just didn't have the power.
You ignored all of my tears.
In hopes they'd disappear.
I tried to let it show.

But I guess... you just don't wanna know

I came to you in love.
I came to you in earnest.
Could you possibly explain?
Why the flames, why the furnace?
Just needing to get it clear.
I was hoping you would hear.
I tried to let it go.

But I guess... you just don't wanna know.

Now it's true that God is always there,
He said He'd never leave.
But at times the human touch is what I need.
And if I had a dime for every time
I tried to call your name.
Some tell me, I'd be wealthy.

But I learned that I could cope.
I discovered I could make it.
In nights so long and cold.
So cold, you don't know how cold.
I learned that I could take it.
Now I wouldn't change a thing.
Not for the knowledge,
Not for the knowledge that I've gained.

I learned that I could grow.
I really did,
I tried to let it show.
I did. I tried to let it go.

But I guess... you just don't wanna know

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    This song makes me cry for that I lost the one true love of my life. It's definitely true. I have prayed to god to help me deal with this depression that I'm going threw. I love him with all my heart, I think a little too much. This song will bring tears to your eyes.
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    Well of course, its anointed whereby transferable therefore, I would like to share as it relates to my experience. By the grace of god I endured, survive but ultimately overcame the harsh reality of being sexually abused. However, my journey in which was misery includes the silent cry in the night thus couldn't be heard. But I learned to cope and wouldn't change a thing. Currently I minister in this arena whereby promoting healing to those whose life parallels my experience. It was such a blessing to have heard this sang by pastor marvin winans as it touched the very core of me. I became emotional yet still holds it dear to my heart.
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