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Marty McFly – Unpretty lyrics

Off Trap Door

She said she feel so (Damn unpretty)
She said she feel so (Damn unpretty)
Damn unpretty damn unpretty
Damn... Damn unpretty

I think it's crazy all the things he doesn't do for you
Instead of wanting change he should call you beautiful
And he's probably got some low self esteem so he's tryna change a queen to a normal human being
I see your hurt and imma break it to you gently
You give out all you got and then you sit there feeling empty
You think this all happens accidently?
Don't alter yourself, that's like putting bumper stickers on a bently
And damn there she go again, crying all alone again
Imma play Regis baby know that you can phone a friend
Any time you need me I can turn a frown
Right a round just call me up when you wanna see me
And we can chase stars through the yellow bricks of oz
In the words of bruno mars, you are perfect how you are
I know that you are strong and you are gonna fight it hard
But he don't need a knife to leave you scarred.


Can you tell me why you'll stick around another day
When you know for a fact nothings gonna change
Is it a phase? Would you tell me if you were afraid?
Cause if you are I can take you to another place
It's far away in a whole nother galaxy
Girl your the mona lisa of the gallery
And everybodys gonna have to say the same thing
If you think he's good for you than your insane
So baby it's decieving, tell him that your leaving
You don't gotta change, God made you for a reason
And I gotta promise you as long as I'm breathing
That you gon shine brighter than the biggest start gleaming
I hope this ends soon, it's probably just a phase
If it is then I'm sure you gon see some brighter days
This life is played out about a 100 million ways but you are somebody that I can't see fade

Some random guy:

Ay Marty it sounds like she's saying "Damn I'm pretty"

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