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Martin Page – In The House Of Stone And Light lyrics

O Mount Kailas
Uncover me
Come my restoration
Wash my body clean
I've been walking
Along a crooked path
Where the walls have fallen
And broken me in half

I'm telling you
I will not rest till I lay down my head
I'm gonna go
In the house of stone and light
I shall not cry for the blindman I leave behind
When I go
In the house of stone and light
In the house of stone and light

Holy lady
Show me my soul
Tell me of the place
Where I must surely go
Old man waiting
At the gates for me
Give me the wisdom
Give me the key

I'm telling you
I will not rest till I lay down my head
In the house of stone and light
I make my way O gonna be such a beautiful day
In the house of stone and light
In the house of stone and light

Let me in beneath my skin
In the house of stone and light

It's been too long
My spirit's been at war
Havasupai Shaman
Let me be reborn

And I will the sun upon my face
Come the day I awake the child inside
In the house of stone and light
And when I go I will op - open my eyes
In the house of stone and light
I will see you
In the house of stone and light
I'm looking in beneath my skin
In The House Of Stone And Light

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  • p
    The human body is the house of stone and light in that we run from the very dense (bone) to the very light--literally--which can be compared to the spirit. Culture can be a very superficial influence, leading us to dwell not within but closer to the surface, the skin, where vanity and shallow concepts of beauty reign. We nurture the Ego instead of the spiritual side and end up identifying so strongly with the physical expression that we truly become mere(ly) mortal, of the flesh, incarnate. To unblock this suffocating rigidity, we need to ask our higher, forgotten self to--as the song pleads--"let me in beneath my skin." The depth of being is ever present but not necessarily the focus of daily life. We are tied to everything, and as powerful human beings, we are charged with the task of protecting everything--such would be the happy task of an enlightened human. But in our fallen state we recognize nothing as related to our disconnected selves--so much so that even a massive oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico causes less of a panic than the economic collapse of a few years ago when a panicky public gladly allowed the very market forces that caused the downfall to rob them and their progeny for the next umpteen generations of their economic lifeblood with massive bailouts for failing banks-casinos. This is truly the time when we must scratch beyond the surface and once again enter that Temple of Self that lies within this body, which, from bone to mind to spirit, can verily be called a "house of stone and light." Submitted by Ted Pandeva Zagar.
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  • u
    The house of stone and light is a metaphor, but for what? I think it means the ultimate, the enlightenment, the combining of the spiritual (light) and the material (stone). He keeps saying he has to go there and he won't rest until he gets there so it can't mean his literal body, because he's already there, in his own body. Since the song seems to run in the very hindu/buddhist theme I would put myself out on a limb by saying that's what it means, it's his search for spiritual enlightnment, the metaphorical "house of stone and light", that represents the blending of material and spiritual.
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