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Marquis – Baddest In Da Club lyrics

Tell Me Have You Seen Her
Tell Me Have You Seen Her
Love Is In Her Face, Martin Pam Gina
Waitin For Affection, But Time Is In Between Us
Damn She Know She Bad, 2 Year Old Demeanor

Verse 1:
Say Lil Mama. How You Doin
Just Wanna Let You Know, You Got Me Choosin
Cuz Baby You're The One, That I'm Pursuin
I Don't Plan On Leavin Unless I'm Leavin Here With You And
(Baby You're Just My Type) My Type
(The Kinda Girl That I like) I Like
(And If I Wanna Leave With You Tonite) Heeyy Oooh
(Then I Gotta Play My Cards Right) Cuz Girl You Just The

Baddest In Da Club
Baddest In Da Club (You Just The)
Baddest In Da Club
Baddest In Da Club (You Just The)
Baddest In Da Club
(You You The Baddest)
Baddest In Da Club
Baddest In Da Club
(You You You, You Just The Baddest, Baddest)
Baddest In Da Club

[Verse 2:]:
It's Hard To Take My Eyes Off Ya.
Girl You Got My Full Attention
And All These Other Guys Want Ya

But They Won't Even Bother To Mention, It
So Shawty Tell Me what Ya Name Is
Cuz Baby I Can Make You Famous
(I'm Not Ya Ordinary Man So You Might Wanna Get Wit
Me And Lose That nigga That You Came Wit)
Cuz Girl You Just The Baddest In Da Club

Repeat Hook 2x

Saint Nick Verse:
Swear If I Don't Get Her Then I'm Under Some Stress
Red Bottoms, Call Her Mrs. Russian Roulette
Baddest Ever, You The Reason They Mumble Under They Breath
You Don't Tell Them bitches Quit Hatin, You Say Humble Yaself
Lets Be Honest, Paralyzed These niggaz Don't Stand A Chance
Ask Her If She Ride Stick, She Put Her Hand In My Pants
How Ironic, She's The Baddest, So Demonic
Pocahontas, Mixed With Copi Honas
Love Is No Platonic, Don't Be Modest
Girl You Got It!

Repeat Hook 2x

I Just Wanna Get To Know Ya (Know Ya)
Got Some Things I Wanna Show Ya (I Wanna Show You Babe)
Since Neither One Of Us Are Sober (Sober)
Tell Me Would You Mind If I Came Over (Ooh Oh)
Ain't Never Seen Nobody Badder (Badder)
These Other Chicks Don't Even Matter (Don't Even Matter No)
So Lets Get Past All This Chatter (Ooooooh)
Cuz Baby I Gots To Have Ya (Oooh You Are The Baddest)

Repeat Hook

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