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Mark Morrison – Innocent Man lyrics

Choir: In A
Morrison: County Jail
Echo: Jail

Choir: Just when
Morrison: Just when things
Echo: Things

Choir: Started
Morrison: Going well
Echo: Well

Choir: And I
Morrison: Paid the price
Choir: For the
Morrison: Crimes I did
Choir: Wanna
Morrison: Change my life
Choir: Wanna
Morrison: Raise my kids

Choir: I'm an innocent man
Morrison: Misunderstood
Choir: I'm an innocent man
Morrison: Just from the hood
Choir: I'm an innocent man
Morrison: Misunderstood
Choir: I'm an innocent man
Morrison: A man is good

Morrison: Promised Her
Choir: That I
Morrison: That I'd change
Choir: Gonna
Morrison: Live my life
Choir: In a
Morrison: Better way
Choir: Have a
Morrison: Little you
Echo: you
Choir: And a
Morrison: Little me
Choir: So we
Morrison: Can settle down
Choir: And live
Morrison: Happily


If everyone else had my eyes
Then, who I am wouldn't be a surprise
Just because I'm locked up don't mean I'm fucked up in the game
Just to think the motha dirt they trying to throw on my name
Get arrested getting arrested don't make me guilty
But by the time I make it to court
The media dun' killed me
Gotta good heart but we all do wrong
I really mean well but I'm going too strong
You say I'm rehabilitated, but I still can't vote
You say I paid my debt but I still can't vote
Gotta pay taxes but I still can't vote
Come on dawg yall stay trying to keep a nigga broke
You just as crooked as us, fuck you trying to say
Cause once I pay that dough, the charges go away
Forget about it - It's ok!
Cause Imma walk over here and let the lord pave my way э Aight

Morrison: Change the life
Choir: That I
Morrison: That I live
Choir: Got me
Morrison: Living five?
Choir: Living
Morrison: Manity?
Choir: Need you
Morrison: Need the thing
Echo: thing
Choir: That is
Morrison: Destroying me
Choir: So I
Morrison: Pray to God
Choir: That it
Morrison: Has mercy

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