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Marie Digby – Miss Invisible lyrics

There's a girl
Who sits under the bleachers
Just another day eating alone
And though she smiles
There is something just hiding
And she can't find a way to relate
She just goes unnoticed
As the crowd passes by
And she'll pretend to be busy
When inside she just wants to cry
And she'll say...

Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little harder, I really really want you to put yourself in her shoes
Take another look at the face of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little closer and maybe then you will see why she waits for the day
When you'll ask her her name

The beginning, in the first weeks of class
She did everything to try and fit in
But the others they couldn't seem to get past all the things that mismatched on the surface
And she would close her eyes when they laughed and she fell down the stairs
And the more that they joked
And the more that they screamed
She retreated to where she is now
And she'll sing...

Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little closer I really really want you to put yourself in her shoes
Take a little look at the face of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little harder and maybe then you will see why she waits for the day that you will ask her her name

Then one day just the same as the last
Just a day spent counting the time
Came a boy that sat under the bleachers just a little bit further behind...

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  • u
    I think this song is about a girl. Whose always invisible to everyone. She gets.
    Unnoticed though she tries her hardest to be noticed even just the smallest bit.
    And then at the end. Maybe, just maybe, the boy who sat under the bleachers noticed her and maybe wanted to befriend her.
    This song is really wonderful and is an inspiration for my upcoming story. I can really relate to this and I personally know how it feels to be alone. And be unnoticed.
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  • u
    This song means a lot to me. When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with highfunctioning autism. I've made alot of progress since then, and most people are surprised to learn I'm autistic, becuse I seem like the other kids. I acctually didn't even know I was autistic untill a couple years ago when I did a report on the subject, and my parents told me. But I still don't really "fit in. " I'm also really shy. I used to get picked on a lot, because I'd say things that were strange. So I just stopped talking to other kids, therefore giving them nothing to laugh at. Sadly, it worked. I mostly just get ignored now, and I'm to afraid to speak up.
    In 7th grade, I sat next to a special education boy who was in a wheel chair. (I'm technically special ed too, but I only on the level that a person with adhd or dislexia is.) I became his keeper, and he became someone I could talk to. He and his aides would tell me every day how wonderful I was. I regained a lot of the confidence I had lost in the eight years before I had met him, but I'm still really quiet. But I at least know now that I'm not all the things they used to tell me I was. And even if I am, there is so much more to me than that.
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  • n
    This song is very touching to me personally. I used to be the girl who had friends, then some things went really wrong with life, forcing my family to move around. Now, I'm seen as the quiet girl who sits by herself at lunch at yet another school. This song is kind of like a way to comfort those people who have a hard time. It's not typical for people to take notice of the fact that there are kids who are without friends, because it seems to be just those few once in a while who go unnoticed. Thanks, Marie Digby, for being someone who understands.
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  • l
    Well it says the truth about most girls in school. Example me. Ya I was one of the girls who would go to the bleachers and sit during lunch bymyself cuz the friends I had, had change to be popular and they forgot about who they really were and when embarassing times came they would laugh with the rest instead of making a change. So ya girls should listen to this song but to notice that they are not the only ones who are being joked at or laugh, and that's cuz ur special, unique and not like everybody else.
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